A Complete Guide to Essential Pipe Fittings for Plumbing and Gas Systems

Aug 3, 2023 | Company News, News

When undertaking any residential or commercial plumbing or gas project, having the right fittings for joining and assembling pipework is critical. Pipe fittings are indispensable components that allow you to alter pipe direction, connect pipe sizes, regulate flow, and repair or install piping safely and effectively. Below we’ll explore popular options like galvanized fittings, black fittings, and banded fittings and how to select the ideal fittings for the job.

BSP thread Fittings

Versatile Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Galvanized pipe fittings are hugely popular for many piping systems due to their robust construction and relatively low cost. Here’s an overview of galvanized fittings:

  • Corrosion Resistant: Galvanized refers to zinc coating applied to the fittings and pipe to prevent rusting and corrosion. This allows them to withstand outdoor and underground environments.
  • Strong and Durable: Galvanized steel is exceptionally strong, allowing it to handle high water pressures and temperatures. Galvanized fittings have a long service life.
  • Use with Galvanized Pipe: For optimal corrosion resistance, galvanized fittings should be paired with galvanized steel pipe vs. black steel or copper.
  • Types Available: Elbows, tees, couplings, reducers, unions, and more. Galvanized fittings are available in most styles.
  • For Water or Gas Systems: With proper pipe sizing, galvanized fittings can be used to assemble both water and natural gas systems.

For a versatile option suitable for many applications, galvanized fittings are an ideal choice.

Sturdy Black Pipe Fittings for Gas and Steam Systems

Known for their distinctive black finish and durable iron construction, black pipe fittings are a common selection for assembling gas and steam systems. Here are the key benefits of black pipe fittings:

  • Made of Malleable Iron: Provides great strength and temperature resistance for gas and steam lines.
  • Naturally Black Finish: The fittings achieve an attractive black finish through the manufacturing process rather than a coating.
  • National Pipe Threads: For easy assembly with black iron pipe via standardized tapered threads. Many sizes available.
  • Strong Seals: Tapered threads form tight seals that prevent leaks in gas pipe systems when properly installed.
  • Range of Fitting Styles: Tees, elbows, couplings, caps, crosses, reducers, nipples, and more in black finish.

For creating secure gas and steam lines, trust rugged black pipe fittings for optimal safety.

Heavy-Duty Banded Fittings for Large Water Systems

For assembling large commercial and municipal water supply systems, heavy type banded fittings are an ideal choice to handle substantial water flow. Here’s an overview:

  • Made of Ductile Iron: Provides great strength for large water transfer lines and high-pressure applications. More resistant to shock.
  • Joint Secured by Bands: The pipe ends slide together into the fitting which is sealed with a tight metal band around the joint.
  • Suitable for 12″ Diameter and Above: Larger fittings are joined with banded couplings vs. threading or welding.
  • Cement Lined for Drinking Water: Fittings have an interior cement lining that protects water quality. External asphalt coating also applied.
  • Flanged End Options: For connecting to equipment like valves and hydrants via bolted flange joints.

When dealing with sizable water mains, treatment plants, or distribution systems, specify heavy banded fittings for reliable long-term service life.

Choose the Right Fittings for Your Plumbing or Gas System

When it comes to assembling any piping system, start by considering the application, pipe material, pipe size, and operating conditions to select suitable fittings. Galvanized and black fittings are ideal for small to medium residential and commercial systems, while large municipal water systems demand substantial banded fittings. With this overview of popular options, you can choose fittings with confidence.