Butt Weld Fittings Made By Fluid To Wide Range Of Industry

Fluid Butt weld fittings as welded fittings are widely use in Petrochemical, Aerospace, Natural Gas, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical or even Food Beverage, etc.

Butt welding, also called butt fusion, joins two pipe ends together by melting and fusing the material at the contact point:

  • Squaring pipe ends – The ends are machined flat and square to properly meet.
  • Aligning – The two pipe ends are clamped in precise alignment along a common axis.
  • Heating – A special heating plate heats and melts the pipe edges until semi-molten.
  • Joining – The ends are pressed together with force, mixing the materials to create a continuous join.
  • Cooling – The mass is allowed to cool into a new homogenous piece with strong molecular bonds.
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