China Grooved And Threaded Welded Outlet Supplier

The main differences between grooved welded outlets and threaded welded outlets for pipe fittings:

Grooved Welded Outlet:

  1. Uses a groove cut around the outside of the pipe end, rather than threads.
  2. Joined with a grooved coupling that uses a flexible gasket and bolts to seal. No threading required.
  3. Faster and easier to install than threaded fittings. Just insert pipe and tighten bolts.

Threaded Welded Outlet:

  1. Pipe end is threaded instead of grooved.
  2. Requires use of threaded fittings screwed onto pipe ends.
  3. Installation involves threading pipes which takes more time than grooved joints.
  4. Threads can be prone to leaks over time due to vibration and temperature cycling.