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FLUID-TECH as leading Welded Outlet China factory, introduce you important pipe fittings outlet and coupling below:

Both are types of pipe fittings that are used to connect pipes. A welded outlet is a type of branch connection that is welded onto the side of a pipe, while an insert coupling is a type of coupling that is inserted into the end of a pipe. In some cases, a welded outlet may be used in place of an insert coupling to create a branch connection.

Welded Outlet

  • The welding process creates a strong and seamless joint between the outlet and the pipe, making it suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • A welded outlet can be customized to fit specific pipe sizes and configurations.

Insert Coupling

  • It can be easily inserted into the end of a pipe and secured with a nut or clamp.
  • An insert coupling allows for some flexibility in the connection, accommodating slight differences in pipe sizes.