Delivery Of Steel Pipe Nipples And Coupling

Aug 12, 2023 | Industry News, News

Fluid Tech Piping Systems company, as a professional provider of fluid system products, has been committed to providing customers with high-quality fire protection system and water system pipe fittings products.

European Customers Purchasing Demand To Us

European customers are looking for steel pipe Fittings manufacturer in China in July. At the same time, the procurement requirements for pipe fittings were sent to our company.

The purchased products are Steel nipples and Steel coupling products:

  • Steel Nipples must comply with material standards: BS EN 10241.
  • Design standards comply with: BS EN 10241.
  • Thread standards comply with: ISO7/1, BSP threads.

The wall thickness of the pipe fittings conforms to two types of heavy type and medium type:

  • Steel coupling is American standard, material standard: ASTM A865.
  • Design dimension standard: ASTM A865.
  • Thread standard: ASME B1.20.1.
  • Thickness of pipe fittings: SCH40/SCH80/SCH160/SCH XXS.

At the same time, customers purchase Steel Nipple tank type and Thread welded Outlet and Grooved Welded Outlet. The packaging of the product is packed in a plastic bag and labeled at the same time.

After receiving the customer’s purchase list. According to our experience in producing and exporting iron pipe fittings, we made a quotation to the customer, and finally the customer chose us after many comparisons. We quickly produce and process according to the needs of customers to purchase pipe fittings. The production and packaging will be completed on August 7th and shipped on August 11th. Before delivery, we inspected the products for the customer, inspected the thread accuracy of the pipe fittings, the wall thickness of the pipe fittings, the appearance and weight of the pipe fittings, and finally checked the packaging, labels and marks of the pipe fittings. And send photos and videos to customers, customers are very satisfied with our products and services. Looking forward to more cooperation.