Different Grooved Fittings:Couplings And Adapters

Grooved fittings are a new type of steel pipe connection fittings, they have many advantages over other connection pieces,so they are used in more and more places.Grooved fittings and threaded fittings are both insert fittings,they connect two pipes together by Inserting pipes into the hole and tightening  it.It is rather easy and convenient.

Insert fittings can be divided into couplings,adapters,nipples and so on according to their function principle.

Insert couplings play an important role in connecting pipe segments to prevent leaks caused by damaged or damaged joints while maintaining the integrity of the pipe in the process. It is a very suitable fitting for the pipe and pipe industry.Insert couplings are designed to transmit torque while allowing some radial, axial and angular misalignment. They can accommodate angular misalignment of up to a few degrees and some parallel misalignment

Insert adapters are used to connect pipes, valves and pumps together, easy to install, makes cleaning of the system easier and used to modify the structure of the piping system.The set screws eliminate additional restraining connections and prevent blow-off.

They’re a popular choice in commercial HVAC and fire protection systems, an increasingly common joining method in commercial plumbing and piping systems.