Ensuring Fire Safety with Specialized Protection Accessories

Aug 28, 2023 | Company News, News

Whether constructing commercial buildings, industrial plants or large residential properties, installing integrated fire protection systems helps safeguard occupants from the dangers of fire. Beyond standalone components like sprinklers or alarms, various specialized accessories provide vital support functions to complete life safety solutions. This article explores essential fire accessories maintaining code compliance and optimum system performance.

Pipe Hanger

Rubber expansion joints

Piping conveying water faces tension stresses from thermal cycling that could damage joints. Rubber joints absorb longitudinal motion, preventing failures at connections. Flexible rubber and stainless construction accommodates multiple inches of bidirectional length change. Fire rated designs withstand high heat to maintain water delivery even during extreme conditions like building fires. Sizes range from 1-48 inches to suit infrastructure specifications.

Pipe hangers

Suspending piping utilizes customized hangers calibrated for weight and seismic zone requirements. Rigid pipe hangers guide, support and properly position piping, avoiding stresses from loads. Dual hanger rods or trapeze systems increase load distribution. Fire rated hangers maintain pipe position and integrity during fire exposure periods through heat and cooling cycles using materials like stainless steel. Engineered designs suit aluminum, copper or steel piping applications.

Fire stop systems

Preventing fire from spreading through penetrations utilizes tested fire stop configurations. Foams,wraps, seals or putties fill and seal gaps around pipes, cables or ducts passing through fire rated walls and floors. Intumescent products monitor heat to expand blocking flame and smoke. Systems carry third party certifications for rated constructions. High temperature systems endure temperatures over 1000°F.Custom fittings or boxing accommodates irregular penetrations.

Control valves

Isolating system sections or components requires robust valves. Quarter-turn or butterfly valves provide shut-off capability downstream of check valves or hydrants. FM-approved double check valve assemblies combine functions. Stainless steel or brass bodies resist corrosion over decades. Tamper-proof features secure valves from unauthorized operation.Valve monitoring modules conduct radio checks on pressure status. Fire department connections standardize water source access.

Sprinkler guards and escutcheons

Braided stainless or polyurethane sprinkler guards protect sprinkler heating elements, deflectors or fusible links from inadvertent damage. They prevent accidental operation from maintenance tools or debris. Escutcheons neatly finish walls, simultaneously shielding sprinkler inlet and securing guards.They feature decorative finishes, covering pipe penetrations with a finished appearance.

Alarm accessories

Fire alarms integrate various components for full protection. Strobe lights provide visual alerts along with speakers broadcasting messages. Pull stations activate alarms manually at exits. Alarm bells assist responders locating emergencies.Battery backups maintain operation during power outages. Conduit routes cabling safely. Wireless sirens or module transmission further notification range if wiring proves impractical.

Proper installation and maintenance of these supporting special fire protection components, with same diligence accorded active systems, helps ensure building fire and life safety for many years according to code. Their roles prove critical for full functioning of integrated systems safeguarding lives and property.