Fluid-Tech Provides Quality Pipe Nipples With BS EN 10241 And ASTMA312

British Standard Pipe Nipples: Quality And Compliance

British Standard pipe nipple BS EN 10241 are manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 10241 standard, which is widely recognized and accepted in the United Kingdom and other countries. This standard ensures that pipe nipples meet specific quality and safety requirements.

ASTM A312: Ensuring Quality and Standards

Stainless steel nipples manufactured according to ASTM A312 exhibit several key features:

Material Composition: Stainless Steel Nipple ASTMA312 specifies the chemical composition of the stainless steel used, ensuring the presence of chromium, nickel, and other alloying elements to achieve the desired properties.
Mechanical Properties: The standard outlines the minimum tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation requirements for stainless steel nipples, ensuring their structural integrity.
Dimensional Tolerances: ASTM A312 establishes precise dimensional tolerances for the nipples’ length, diameter, and thread dimensions, ensuring proper fit and interchangeability.
Testing Requirements: The standard mandates various tests, including tensile testing, hardness testing, and hydrostatic testing, to verify the nipples’ compliance with the specified requirements.