Galvanized Black Iron Fittings Elbows VS. Iron 1 Bend 90°

The iron 1 bend 90° M/F BSPT thread BS EN 1562 is a specific type of pipe fitting that is used to change the direction of a plumbing line by 90 degrees. It is made of iron and conforms to the British Standard BS EN 1562, which sets the specifications for iron materials used in pressure systems.

Differences Between Elbow And Iron Bend

Design: The Malleable Iron 1 Bend 90° M/F BSPT Thread BS EN 1562 is a specific type of elbow fitting with male and female threads on each end, providing a 90-degree change in direction. It is designed for easy installation and connection to other threaded components. On the other hand, The black iron fittings galvanized elbow are a curved section of pipe or tubing without threads, requiring additional fittings for connection.

Connection Method: Elbows, including the iron 1 bend 90° M/F BSPT thread BS EN 1562, have threaded ends that can be connected directly to other threaded components. Bends, however, require the use of additional fittings, such as couplings or flanges, to connect them to the plumbing system.