Grooved Pipe Fittings And Coupling — Indispensable Pieces Of Your Production Process

Sep 6, 2023 | Company News, News

Grooved pipe fittings and Coupling is a system for pipe connections using a groove design and matching fittings.Grooved Pipe Fittings are specially designed pipe fittings with grooves, usually made of metal material,and grooved Coupling is a connection used to fix pipe connections consisting of two semi-circular clamps and bolts that match the fluted shape of the fluted pipe fitting.You can easily form a stable pipe connection with these fittings and coupling together.Let’s take a quick look of these tiny but crucial pieces first.

Grooved Pipe Fittings

DI Grooved Pipe Fittings are widely used , because they include various types , such as elbows, tees, quads, flanges and various transition,each of them can be applied to one specific state.Whatever your requirement is,you can surely find the fittings you need.
Tee: Grooved Tee have Grooved tee short,Grooved tee long radius 90 degree. Grooved Reducing Tee,Grooved tee with Thread outlet,also called Thread Grooved Tee,normaly the branch outlet is thread end ,the main outlet is Grooved end.
Elbow: Grooved Elbow have Grooved Elbow short 90degree ,Grooved Elbow long radius 90 degree. Grooved Elbow 45 degree ,Grooved Elbow 22.5 degree .Grooved Elbow 11.25 degree. 
Grooved Coupling
Grooved coupling connect pipe segments to prevent leaks caused by damaged joints while maintaining the integrity of the pipe in the process,and can be installed handily.Buyers will experience excellent convenience using them.Two main types of grooved coupling is rigid coupling and flexible coupling.
Rigid Coupling:This type of coupling provides extreme rigidity through grip teeth and does not allow for movment.It is suitable for precise usage where two shafts should be fixed motionlessly.Buyers can rely on its stability.
Flexible Coupling:This type of coupling has two halves bolted together to improve the seal formed by stretch rubber gasket,so they allow some radial, axial and angular misalignment when transmitting torque.Buyers may feel free to use it.

Key features of China grooved pipe fittings:

·Advanced equipment guarantee the production of high quality products.
·Higher profitability over a longer service life.
· Safety and Environmental Friendly safe, easy and clean operation
·High-precision, hydraulicly driven mould transport,no shifting, distortion, ordisplacement of moulds.

Application of grooved pipe fittings:
·Water system
·Fire protection system
·Plumbing, gas system
·HVAC system
·Irrigation system

Grooved coupling with plenty of features:

Coupling play an important role in connecting pipe segments to prevent leaks caused by damaged or damaged joints while maintaining the integrity of the pipe in the process. It is a very suitable fitting for the pipe and pipe industry. Most pipe installations require multiple pipe sections to be joined together or cut to facilitate changing direction and traversing obstacles. A fitting is a concise pipe or pipe. It has a socket or female thread at one or both ends. Fitting allows two pipes or pipes of the same or different sizes to be joined together to form a long pipe.Flexible Coupling ones can accommodate angular misalignment of up to a few degrees and some parallel misalignment.Rigid ones are for precise use and can hardly be fiddled.Both of them can satisfy various types of production needs,and are convenient to use.

Key features of China grooved coupling:

Quick installation: The installation of the Grooved Flexible Coupling is very simple and fast.
Reliable sealing: Grooved Coupling provides reliable sealing performance against water leakage and leakage.
Powerful Coupling: It is not easily loosened or detached.
Detachable:It can be easily disassembled for easy repair and replacement of pipes.

Application of grooved rigid and flexible fittings:
Fire protection system
Water system
HVAC system
Plumbing, gas system
Irrigation system