How To Arrange Shipment Before Chinese New Year? What Issues Should We Pay Attention To?

Jan 25, 2024 | Company News, News

Arranging shipments before the Chinese New Year requires careful planning and consideration of several factors. The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a major holiday in China that often results in extended business shutdowns. Here are some steps and considerations to help you prepare for shipping before the Lunar New Year:

1. Plan ahead: Start planning before the Chinese New Year to ensure your shipments are scheduled and processed on time.

The date of Lunar New Year varies each year, so please check the specific dates and the corresponding impact on business activities.

2. Communicate with suppliers and logistics providers: Contact your suppliers and logistics providers to confirm their holiday arrangements and shipping deadlines. Understand the lead times required for production, packaging and shipping.

3. Inventory management: Assess your inventory levels and order quantities to ensure you have enough stock to cover periods of potential disruption to production and shipping. Consider ordering additional inventory to account for potential delays in production and shipping.

4. Shipping deadlines: Determine shipping deadlines to ensure your products leave the manufacturing facility and arrive at the port before the holidays begin.

5. Documentation and Customs Clearance: Ensure all required shipping documents are complete and accurate.

Please be aware of any additional customs clearance requirements during the holidays.

6. Choose reliable partners: Work with reliable suppliers, manufacturers and logistics partners who have experience managing freight before and during the Lunar New Year.

7. Consider using air freight to ship time-sensitive shipments. Consider shipping delays. If shipping by sea, please be aware that delays may occur due to increased pre-holiday demand and reduced operations during the holiday season. Due to the current tense relations in the Red Sea region, please consider the route and transportation time.

8. Factory inspection: Carry out factory inspections and quality control checks in advance to resolve any issues before the holidays.

9. Payment terms: Make sure payment terms are clear and agreed upon to avoid any financial issues during the holidays.

Cultural considerations:

10. Understand and respect the cultural significance of Chinese New Year. Many businesses are closed and workers may go home for the holidays.

11. Emergency Contacts: Establish emergency contacts for your suppliers and logistics partners in case any issues arise during the holidays.

12. Post-holiday planning: Plan for the post-holiday period as there may be a backlog of orders and shipments. Even after the holidays are over, be prepared for possible delays.

By taking these steps and fully understanding the specific challenges that come with the Lunar New Year, you can increase the likelihood of a smooth, timely shipment. Communication and planning are key to navigating the complexities surrounding the holidays.