How to choose ductile iron Grooved joint coupling

Jul 7, 2023 | Industry News, News

Ductile iron Grooved joint coupling are the most commonly used connectors for fire protection piping systems and water Systems. Grooved coupling are not only used for connecting steel pipes and steel pipes, but also for connecting steel pipes and grooved pipe fittings, as well as connecting steel pipes and valves, pipe fittings and valves.

But many wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of pipe fittings are difficult to distinguish the types of coupling. In addition, some factories and manufacturers of pipe fittings did not explain the difference of coupling to customers well when they sold them. Some of my clients often ask us about the difference between couplings, so today I will talk about the types of couplings and how to distinguish them.

According to the design structure, the Grooved coupling are divided into rigid Grooved coupling and flexible Grooved coupling, Angle Pad Coupling, Shoulder Coupling, HDPE Coupling, reducing coupling,HDPE Transition. After the rigid Grooved coupling is connected to the piping system, the piping system is not allowed to have axial displacement. After the flexible Grooved coupling is connected, the pipe system is allowed to have displacement on the axis. Therefore, rigid Grooved coupling are generally used in vertical piping systems without displacement; flexible Grooved coupling are generally used in piping systems with displacement or vibration. The Angle Pad Coupling interface is inclined, not vertical, which is conducive to quick installation. Shoulder coupling and hdpe coupling are usually used in temporary pipeline repairs, easy to start installation, and can quickly repair damaged pipelines. reducing coupling, connecting two pipes of different sizes.

According to the pressure level, the general coupling is PN15 (175PSI), 1.6MPA; PN25 (363PSI), 2.5MPA or PN20 (300PSI), 2.0MPA. The high pressure Grooved coupling is PN34 (500PSI), 3.4MPA. If the pipeline is low for pressure piping, you can choose light-duty PN16 coupling or PN25 coupling. If the pressure of the piping system is high, please choose high-pressure coupling 500PSI.

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