How to Combine Multiple Orders into One Shipment

Jul 18, 2023 | Industry News, News

In May, we received purchase orders from European customers, who are professional distributors and retailers of HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Fire protection, Water services products and contractors. The products purchased this time are malleable cast iron malleable steel hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings and black pipe fittings. The product standard needs to meet the EN 10242 standard, and the thread standard of the pipe fittings is BSPT. Product requirements include UL Listed and FM Approved. After communication, our products fully meet the requirements of customers. At the same time, the customer also purchased red steel pipes and ductile iron pipe fittings in China. The production of this batch of goods has already started and will be delivered soon. The customer offered to ship two orders together. When we received the customer’s request, our workshop immediately started production and processing. The original delivery time was 35 days, but we completed the delivery 7 days in advance.

Since the customer purchases different products from the two suppliers, in order to save the cost of the destination port, the best way is to combine the goods of the two suppliers and pack them in one container, which is convenient for transportation and customs clearance of the order. However, since the two suppliers are in different cities, it is troublesome to communicate and coordinate with customers. We assist another supplier of the customer to send the steel pipes and fittings to our factory, and we are responsible for the loading and delivery of the goods to Tianjin Port. Under the coordination of our company Fluid Tech Group, the goods from another supplier were sent to our factory soon. When we received the goods, the packaging of the steel pipes was damaged, and the wooden box was cracked, causing the pipe fittings to be exposed outside the box.

Our professional packing workers re-repaired the wooden box and re-packed the steel pipe. Finally, under the operation of our professional workers, the steel pipes, cast pipe fittings, galvanized pipe fittings and black pipe fittings went smoothly, and the products were packed in a 20-foot container in good condition. Customers are very grateful for our professional service.

As a professional exporter of fire protection products and pipeline products, Fluid Tech Group has a professional service and operation team and looks forward to cooperating with you.