Impact of Pipe Nipple Dimension on Carbon Steel Press Fittings

Mar 27, 2024 | News

A pipe nipple, frequently employed in plumbing and piping setups, is a brief segment of pipe. Typically, it features male pipe threads on both ends, facilitating the connection of two additional fittings. Pipe nipple dimension has an import impanct on pipe fittings.

Types of Pipe Nipples

  • Close Nipple: When there is no unthreaded pipe between the two ends, it’s called a close nipple or running nipple. In this scenario, the fittings being connected are in close proximity to each other.
  • Hexagonal Nipple: This variation features a hexagonal shape at its center, resembling a nut. It provides better grip for wrenches and offers greater mechanical advantage compared to rounded pipe.
  • Long Hex Nipple: Similar to the hexagonal nipple, but with more distance between the threaded ends.
  • Reducing Nipple: Used when you need to change pipe dimensions. It connects a larger female fitting to a smaller one, allowing for transitions in size.

Working with Close Nipples

While close nipples are necessary in some constructions, they can be challenging to work with. Unscrewing them may damage the threads. Plumbers often use an internal pipe wrench (also known as a “nipple wrench”) to hold them securely during installation.

Pipe nipples serve as vital components for linking different elements within piping networks. In the context of carbon steel press fittings, grasping their measurements and suitability becomes imperative.

American Standard Steel Pipe Nipple

Pipe Nipple Dimension Chart

The dimensions of carbon steel pipe nipples vary based on pipe size:

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)Length (L)Wall Thickness (S)
1/8″30mm – 2500mm1.6mm (Light), 2mm (Medium/Heavy)
1/4″30mm – 2500mm1.8mm (Light), 2.3mm (Medium), 2.9mm (Heavy)
1/2″30mm – 2500mm2mm (Light), 2.6mm (Medium), 3.2mm (Heavy)
3/4″30mm – 2500mm2.3mm (Light), 2.6mm (Medium), 3.2mm (Heavy)
1″30mm – 2500mm2.6mm (Light), 3.2mm (Medium), 4mm (Heavy)
1 1/4″30mm – 2500mm2.6mm (Light), 3.2mm (Medium), 4mm (Heavy)
1 1/2″30mm – 2500mm2.9mm (Light), 3.2mm (Medium), 4mm (Heavy)
2″30mm – 2500mm2.9mm (Light), 3.6mm (Medium), 4.5mm (Heavy)
… (up to 12″)30mm – 2500mmVaries based on size

In summary, understanding the pipe nipple dimension ensures proper compatibility and reliable connections in carbon steel press fittings.