Importances Of Steel Pipe Fittings Terminology For Steel Sockets

Nov 22, 2023 | Company News, News

Steel sockets as steel pipe fittings provide attachment points for butt-welding pipe sections together. They socket onto the end of a pipe to allow further piping to be fused to it. Meanwhile, steel sockets are commonly made of carbon steel or alloy steel to match the piping. However, there are the most of terminology for pipe fittings industry, today, we will explian below:

There are some relationships between steel sockets, welded outlets, and butt-welding:

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

Steel sockets are components that are welded onto pipes to provide connection points. They allow pipes to be joined together via welding, typically butt-welding.

Welded outlet serve a similar purpose as steel socket by providing a connection point at the end of a pipe section. Outlets are used when a perpendicular connection is needed, rather than an inline connection.

Both sockets and outlets require butt-welding to join pipes. Butt-welding involves fusing two abutted pipe ends together by welding along the joint between them. It provides a very strong bond.

The inside diameter of sockets and outlets need to be properly machined/fabricated to match the pipe ID, so a continuous flow can be achieved after butt-welding two sections together.

Preparing the pipe ends and sockets/outlets for a quality butt-weld is important. They need to be clean and any imperfections addressed to ensure a sound weld.

Different types of welding, like socket welding or outlet welding, utilize the butt-welding technique at the joint between the socket/outlet and pipe end.