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A Fire Safety Exhibition In Hannover, Germany – Interschutz

2022 Interschutz, Hannover, Germany, exhibition time: June 20-25, 2022, exhibition location: Hannover-Messegelände 30521 Hannover Germany-Hannover Exhibition Center.

Interschutz, a fire safety exhibition in Hannover, Germany, is an international fire safety special exhibition, organized by the famous German exhibition company Deutsche Messe AG, Hannoverf.

As an international flagship exhibition of rescue services, fire prevention and mitigation, safety and security, Interschutz, Hannover Fire Safety Exhibition in Germany, provides a first-class information channel for security inspection experts, safety leaders and safety engineers, and is also an ideal place for security and safety equipment suppliers Display platform. Since 2005, INTERSCHUTZ will be held every five years to continuously improve the classification of exhibits and provide you with more professional gains and market opportunities.

List Various Products During Exhibition

The exhibits mainly relate to our company’s product fields: fire alarm system, fire safety, building fire prevention, fire training and education system, fire pump, fire rescue tools, gas detection equipment, command system, hose, emergency vehicles, fire alarm Sprinklers, environmental protection equipment, fire brigade equipment, fire drill equipment, high-pressure water taps and other products and services.

fire alarm valves Systems fluid tech piping Systems on INTERSCHUTZ

A Very Good Exhibition Format Display WIth Success

Our company Fluid Tech Piping Systems company is actively preparing for this exhibition, but due to the epidemic and visa issues. Our company personnel could not directly participate in this exhibition. We entrusted an exhibition company to participate in the exhibition instead of us, and exhibited our products, and received good feedback from customers. This time we exhibited our firefighting system products. We assembled our firefighting pipe fittings, firefighting valves, water valves, and seismic support products, connected these products together, and showed them to customers through the piping system. Products and services, customers have given us a lot of appreciation after viewing the fire protection system and alarm valve system. They are very satisfied with the quality of our fire-fighting products and anti-seismic brackets, and they have decided to cooperate with us. They hope that our products can be used in their fire-fighting systems to help them win engineering bids and win the market. Although we did not directly participate in this exhibition, but through customer feedback, this is also a very good exhibition format display, and it is also a successful exhibition.