Korea’s Leading Exhibition on HVAC and Plumbing

Jul 14, 2023 | Industry News, News

“HVAC KOREA”, Korea’s leading exhibition for comprehensive HVAC and plumbing will lead the trend of HVAC and plumbing industry and bring together industry experts, will serve as a stepping stone for participating companies to leap forward.

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During the epidemic, fluid tech piping company overcame difficulties and participated in Korea HVAC Exhibition 2022 together with customers. At the exhibition, fluid tech piping company displayed fire trench pipe fittings and accessories, fire protection anti-seismic support system and installation. Valves, such as knife gate valves, flow regulating valves, stainless steel valves and carbon steel valves are also displayed.

fire fighting fluid tech piping on HVAC Korea

The visiting customers were very interested in our valves and fire protection products, and also consulted about our flexible joint double sphere products. We conduct on-site communication, explain valves and pipe fittings products, our professional product service and high-quality products, customers are very satisfied. The customer sent us an inquiry request for valves and fire protection products, looking forward to more cooperation from us.

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