Large Diameter Steel Pipe Connection Technology Research Conference

Jul 17, 2023 | Industry News, News

On July 13, the working meeting of the Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association Expert Committee and Material Equipment Committee was held in Jinan, Shandong. Sun Yongxi, Director of the Expert Committee of Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association, Lin Guanghui, Director and General Manager of the Materials and Equipment Committee of Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association, Jinan Meide Foundry Group, Fluid Tech Group and more than 20 industry experts and companies participated in the symposium and technical exchange meeting.

Large Diameter Steel Pipe Connection Technology1

At the exchange meeting, everyone conducted a technical discussion on the theme of “standard discussion on high-quality development of steel pipes”. Among them, the application technology of groove connection for large-diameter pipes was highly recognized by the participating experts. The large-diameter grooved connecting pipe fittings of Victauli Company of the United States are widely used in engineering. At present, in China, the large-diameter groove coupling technology developed by China’s groove factory has been successfully applied in many water conservancy and municipal projects in China’s Jilin and Shandong. This product has high-quality stability and high cost performance .

The innovative large-diameter steel pipe (DN350-DN2000) grooved coupling connection solution researched is suitable for long-distance water transmission network of water conservancy, municipal comprehensive pipe gallery, etc. The large-diameter groove connection completely solves the anti-corrosion problem of the large-diameter steel pipe joint in China, eliminates the secondary pollution of the water quality at the welding point; realizes the flexible connection of the steel pipe, and the unique design of large expansion and contraction and large rotation angle completely solves the problems of pipeline settlement, expansion and compensation. ;Installation is simple and fast, the installation time of DN1400 is 1/12 of the traditional welding time, and only ordinary workers are needed, no special welding operations are required, and a wrench and bolts can be used for disassembly and assembly tools.

Through this exchange meeting, experts highly recognized the future application scenarios of large-diameter groove coupling technology. The large-diameter pipeline groove connection solution relies on safer and more economical technologies such as flexible connection, fast installation, and strong adaptability. Advantages will surely become a new solution and new choice for the industry.

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