Malleable Iron Fittings Of Different Standard

Malleable iron is an iron-carbon alloy that solidifies after casting and achieves its final properties after heat treatment.Malleable iron pipe fittings are used in various applications like steam, air, water, gas, oil and other fluids.

Malleable iron fittings on the market are mainly divided into two standards: American standards and British standards. We offer high quality of malleable iron fittings nails in two standards to overseas buyers, please follow me to find out more.

ANSI standard fittings is a well-known plumbing brand that produces high-quality plumbing fixtures and fittings, including malleable iron fittings.Common ANSI standard fittings include elbows, tees, couplings, unions, bushings and nipples in various sizes. They come in galvanized steel or black iron through advanced casting techniques for precision threads and ports to provide reliable, leak-free connections.

BS standard fittings match these countries:the UK,Ireland,countries in Middle East and North Africa,and Certain European countries.BS standard fittings are also sturdy, well-made, and feature cutting-edge technology.

Fluid Tech provide different specifications and models under both standards to meet the different needs of different buyers.We specialize in producing fittings and have served clients from all over the world.