22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbow

Material: ASTM A197/A197M
Dimension: ASME B16.3, B16.14
Pressure Rating: 363PSI,CLASS150
Surface Treatment: Hot-Dip Galvanized
Zinc Coating: ASTM A 153
Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved / NSF 61

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Product Description

Choose our 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows to make your project safer and longer-lasting!

Our 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows are carefully made by experienced suppliers, using high-quality steel and undergoing a strict galvanizing process to ensure that the products have the following advantages:

  • Strong corrosion resistance: The galvanized layer effectively resists corrosion from the external environment, prolongs the service life of the elbow, and provides lasting protection for your pipeline system.
  • High strength: Made of high-quality steel, the elbows have excellent strength and toughness, can withstand high pressure and impact, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the pipeline system.
  • Reliable connection: Standard size and precise processing technology ensure that the elbows and pipes are perfectly connected to achieve a stable connection to avoid water leakage or other problems.
  • Easy to install: The elbows are simple in design and easy to install, saving manpower and time costs and improving construction efficiency.

We provide 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows of various specifications and sizes to meet your different needs.

Whether you are engaged in construction engineering, water conservancy construction, industrial production, or other projects that require pipeline connection, we can provide you with suitable 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows.

1/4” 600 1 1/2” 48
1/2” 500 2 1/2” 16
3/4” 400 3” 10
1” 210 4” 6


Benefits of choosing our 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows

Choosing our 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows, you will get:

  • Reliable quality: We strictly control the production process to ensure that each product meets national standards and provides you with high-quality guarantees.
  • Perfect after-sales service: We have a professional after-sales service team to solve any problems in the use of products at any time.
  • Favorable price: We offer competitive prices, allowing you to get high-quality products at the most favorable prices.


Q1: How long is the service life of the 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbow?

A1: Under normal use and maintenance, its service life can reach more than 20 years.

Q2: What media are 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows suitable for?

A2: This product is suitable for a variety of media such as water, oil, gas, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

Q3: How to choose the appropriate specifications of 22 1/2 Degree Galvanized Elbows?

A3: You can choose the appropriate specifications according to factors such as the diameter of the pipe, working pressure and use environment. If you have any questions, our technical team can provide you with professional advice.

Q4: Do you provide customized services?

A4: Yes, we can provide customized services according to the special needs of customers to ensure that the products fully meet your requirements.

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