22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbow

Material: ANSI/ASTM A197-A,KTH350-10
Thread: ANSI/ASTM B1.20.1,NPT
Pressure Rating: 363PSI,CLASS150
Surface Treatment:Hot-dip Galvanized,Electro Galvanized
Zinc Coating: ASTM A 153
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbow is an important connector widely used in pipeline systems, mainly used to change the direction of pipelines. As a professional 22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbow manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality 22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbows to ensure their excellent performance in various industrial and civil pipeline systems.

Product Features

  • High-quality materials: Select high-quality carbon steel as the base material, and use hot-dip galvanizing process for surface treatment to ensure its superior anti-corrosion performance and long service life.
  • Multiple specifications: We provide 22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbows of various specifications to meet the needs of different pipeline systems. Whether it is small or large diameter, you can find suitable products.
  • Strong durability: The galvanized layer can not only effectively prevent corrosion, but also enhance the mechanical strength of the elbow, so that it can still maintain stable performance under harsh environments such as high pressure and high temperature.
  • Convenient installation: Reasonable design, moderate weight, easy installation, greatly improve construction efficiency, save manpower and time costs.

Application field

22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbows are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, construction, shipbuilding, natural gas, water supply and other fields. Whether it is the construction of industrial pipeline systems or the laying of pipelines for municipal engineering, 22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbows are indispensable and important components.

After-sales service

As a responsible manufacturer, we not only provide high-quality products, but also provide comprehensive after-sales service. Our technical team is always ready to provide you with technical support and solutions to ensure the long-term and stable operation of your piping system. Whether it is product selection, installation guidance or problems in use, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Contact us: If you have any questions or needs about our 22.5 Degree Galvanized Elbows, please feel free to contact us. We will provide personalized solutions based on your specific needs to help you achieve the best piping system design and construction.