3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbow

Material: BS EN 1562,EN-GJMB-350-10,KTH350-10
Dimension: BS EN 10242
Pressure Rating: PN16/PN25
Surface Treatment:Hot-dip Galvanized,Electro Galvanized
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

When we talk about the construction industry and piping systems, the status of 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows cannot be underestimated. As a structural pipe connection, 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows not only ensure the smooth flow of water and other media, but also greatly increase the durability and reliability of the pipe system. I will introduce a 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbow that performs well on the market, and the trusted supplier behind it – Fluid Tech Group.

Product Introduction – 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows

The 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows supplied by Fluid Tech Group adopt a high-standard galvanizing process. Through hot-dip galvanizing treatment, a solid zinc layer is formed on the surface of the elbow, which greatly enhances its resistance to corrosion. This treatment process ensures that the pipe fittings can maintain long-term performance stability in humid or chemically corrosive environments.

Size A(mm) PCS/CTN.
1/4” 20 600
3/8” 24 600
1/2” 27 500
3/4” 32 400

Product Advantages

  • Excellent corrosion resistance: The optimized hot-dip galvanizing process makes the elbow have excellent corrosion resistance and prolongs its service life.
  • High-strength connection: The precise size and structural design ensure the tightness and stability of the pipe connection and reduce the risk of leakage.
  • Easy to install: Based on standardized production, this 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbowis easy to install and can be quickly deployed in a variety of pipe systems.
  • Wide applicability: Whether it is water supply system, HVAC system, or industrial pipeline, it can be applied.

About the supplier – Fluid Tech Group

Fluid Tech Group is a company specializing in the production and supply of various pipe connectors, with many years of production experience and technical accumulation. The company insists on using high-quality raw materials, combined with advanced production equipment and strict quality control processes to ensure that each product can meet or exceed international standards.

In addition, we also provide professional technical support and thoughtful customer service to ensure that customers can get comprehensive guidance and help in the process of selecting and using 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows.


Q1: What is the main purpose of 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbow?

A1: It is mainly used to change the direction of the pipeline and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, construction, natural gas and water supply.

Q2: What is the anti-corrosion performance of the 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbow?

A2: It adopts hot-dip galvanizing process, has excellent anti-corrosion performance, and can be used for a long time in various harsh environments.

Q3: How to choose the appropriate specifications of 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows?

A3: When choosing 3/4 Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows, it is necessary to determine the appropriate specifications based on factors such as the diameter of the pipeline, working pressure and use environment. Our technical team can provide you with professional advice.