Carbon Steel Fittings Dimensions

Pipe: Carbon steel
Plated steel for greater corrosion resistance than unplated steel, prevent rust and weathering.
Common use: Cold water sprinkler, irrigation, and pump installation.
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Product Description

Fluid Tech Group shines as a distinguished manufacturer and supplier, focusing on top-tier carbon steel fittings. Our exhaustive inventory is designed to cater comprehensively to your piping essentials, ensuring unmatched efficacy and dependability.

Commitment to Quality in Carbon Steel Fittings

  • Robust Construction: Our carbon steel fittings are crafted with superior robustness, capable of enduring varied industrial requirements. This robust construction is further enhanced by meticulously adhering to carbon steel fittings dimensions for every application.
  • Precision Design: Renowned for their precise tolerances, our fittings not only adhere to strict carbon steel fittings dimensions but also ensure flawless compatibility with existing piping infrastructures.
  • Quality Control Excellence: To guarantee optimal performance and longevity, each carbon steel fitting undergoes a rigorous quality control process, scrutinizing every detail down to the exact carbon steel fittings dimensions.
Hose Mender
Size L (mm) L1 (mm) 1
1/2 89 35 13.5
3/4 89 35 19.8
1 89 35 26.2
11/4 108 43 32.5
11/2 118 51 38.6
2 123 51 51.3

After-Sales Service and Support

  1. Technical Assistance: Leveraging deep knowledge on carbon steel fittings dimensions, our experts provide invaluable technical support and are equipped to resolve any inquiries concerning our carbon steel fittings.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee: Our confidence in the quality of our carbon steel fittings, underscored by a firm commitment to precision in carbon steel fittings dimensions, empowers us to offer exhaustive after-sales services, ensuring your absolute contentment.
  3. Long-Term Partnership: Aspiring towards lasting partnerships, we continue to support your carbon steel fittings needs, guided by a thorough understanding of carbon steel fittings dimensions, to fortify a sturdy and dependable piping network.
At Fluid Tech Group, each carbon steel fitting is a testament to our dedication to superiority, with a keen focus on carbon steel fittings dimensions to meet the rigorous demands of your projects comprehensively.