Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Dimensions

Pipe: Carbon steel
Plated steel for greater corrosion resistance than unplated steel, prevent rust and weathering.
Common use: Cold water sprinkler, irrigation, and pump installation.

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Product Description

Fluid Tech Group stands as an esteemed manufacturer and supplier with a forte in premium carbon steel pipe fitting. Our extensive array is thoughtfully fashioned to meet all of your piping requirements with unmatched efficiency and steadfast reliability.

Commitment to Quality in Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

  • Robust Construction: Each carbon steel pipe fitting is diligently constructed to possess the inherent strength necessary to endure multifarious industrial operations, conforming to pivotal carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions for various applications.
  • Precision Design: Our fittings are acclaimed for their stringent tolerances and optimal compatibility, assured by the precise carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions, which guarantee a seamless fit with existing pipelines.
  • Quality Control Excellence: Substantial emphasis on the carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions is integral to our quality assurance protocols, ensuring every fitting validates through exacting performance and endurance tests.

After-Sales Service and Support

  1. Technical Assistance: Our adept personnel are always at hand, delivering substantial technical guidance and expertly handling inquiries, particularly those concerning carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee: The assurance in our carbon steel pipe fitting collection is evident, backed by a robust after-sales scheme—proof of our commitment to the definitive carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions and your satisfaction.
  3. Long-Term Partnership: Endeavoring lifelong affiliations, Fluid Tech Group pledges unwavering advocacy and services, bolstered by our precision-driven carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions.

Get in Touch for Your Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

For queries related to our carbon steel pipe fitting or to discover how Fluid Tech Group can cater to your unique requirements, please get in touch with us. Our ready and attentive team is prepared to extend the finest solutions, anchored in the critical carbon steel pipe fitting dimensions.
Opt for Fluid Tech Group for all your carbon steel pipe fitting requisites and elevate your standards with our quality commitment, manifesting through every measured dimension, all underpinned by our distinguished after-sales support.
Hose Mender
Size L (mm) L1 (mm) 1
1/2 89 35 13.5
3/4 89 35 19.8
1 89 35 26.2
11/4 108 43 32.5
11/2 118 51 38.6
2 123 51 51.3