Fire Pipe Line

Connection: AWWA C606, ASME B16.1 CL 125, ISO 5211,ASTM A888, ISO 6182, BS EN 1092-2
Pressure Rating: 200PSI
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550,Epoxy coated interior and exterior by Electrostatic
Certificate: UL Listed/FM Approved /NSF/ANSI61&NSF/ANSI 373

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Product Description

In an increasingly complex building environment, fire safety has become a lifeline that cannot be ignored. As a leading Fire Pipe Line?supplier and manufacturer in the industry, we are well aware that every inch of the pipe carries a commitment and responsibility for life. Therefore, we have carefully created a series of high-performance, corrosion-resistant, and easy-to-install Fire Pipe Line?systems to provide the most reliable safety guarantee for global customers.

Our product advantages

  • Excellent materials, durable and reliable: Our Fire Pipe Lines are made of high-quality stainless steel and alloy materials, and are processed by special processes to ensure long-term resistance to high pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments, effectively extending service life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Precise manufacturing and tight connection: Using advanced CNC processing technology and precise testing equipment to ensure that the size of each pipe and fitting is accurate, with special seals to achieve seamless docking, eliminate the risk of leakage, and improve the overall safety of the system.
  • Easy-to-install design, cost-saving: Considering the convenience of installation, we designed a quick connection system to greatly shorten the on-site construction time and reduce labor costs. At the same time, we provide detailed installation guidance and technical support to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
  • Comprehensive certification, worry-free compliance: All products have passed international ISO, UL, FM and other authoritative certifications, and comply with multiple domestic and international fire safety standards, escorting your project, ensuring legal compliance and global access.

Reasons to choose us

  • One-stop solution: From product consultation, solution design to installation guidance and after-sales service, we provide a full range of services to simplify the procurement process and save customers worry and effort.
  • Customized service: According to different building needs and environmental conditions, we provide personalized customization services to ensure that the fire protection pipe system is perfectly adapted to each project.
  • Quick response after-sales: We have established a complete after-sales service system, with a professional team on call 24 hours a day, quickly responding to any after-sales problems, ensuring that problems are solved in time, and ensuring the stable operation of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What types of buildings are your Fire Pipe Lines suitable for?

A: Our Fire Pipe Lines are widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, industrial plants, hospitals, schools and various residential areas, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Q: How to ensure the fire resistance of the pipes?

A: The materials we use have excellent high temperature resistance, and the fireproof layer is wrapped outside to further enhance its fire resistance, ensuring that the pipeline can continue to supply water in the event of a fire, buying precious time for rescue.

We are quality-oriented and innovative, and are committed to becoming your most trusted partner. Choosing us means choosing a safe, efficient and sustainable future. You are welcome to consult and negotiate to jointly build a safer living and working environment.