Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve

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The Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve is an exceptional piece of engineering, meticulously designed to provide reliable and efficient flow control in various applications. Compliant with the esteemed design standard NSF/ANSI 372, this valve guarantees the utmost safety and purity in water and fluid distribution systems.

Engineered with precision and thoughtfulness, this gate valve adheres to the surface treatment standard ANSI/AWWA C550, ensuring optimal protection against corrosion and extending its lifespan. Its durable and robust construction is specifically crafted to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and municipal applications.

Equipped with the connection standard ISO 5211, this valve offers versatility and compatibility with various actuation mechanisms, simplifying the integration process and allowing for seamless automation. Its intuitive design allows for easy installation and maintenance, maximizing convenience and operational efficiency.

With a working pressure rating of 250 psi, the Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve ensures reliable and safe operation, even under high-pressure conditions. Whether used in water treatment plants, distribution networks, or industrial processes, this valve delivers consistent performance, preventing leaks and maintaining efficient flow control.


  • Resilient Seating:The term “resilient” in the Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve refers to the use of resilient materials, often elastomers like Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), for the valve’s seating components. This resilient design ensures a tight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks and enhancing the valve’s performance.
  • Non-Rising Stem Configuration:The NRS gate valve is characterized by a non-rising stem configuration, where the valve stem remains stationary during operation. As the gate is raised or lowered, the stem’s position inside the valve does not change, providing a space-saving solution in vertical or limited space installations.
  • Flanged Connections:Flanged connections on the valve allow for secure and leak-resistant attachment to the pipeline. Flanges provide a standardized and convenient method of installation, making the valve adaptable to various piping configurations.
  • Ductile Iron Construction:The body of the Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve is commonly constructed from ductile iron (ASTM A536, EN-GJS-450-10), providing a combination of strength and durability. This material ensures the valve can withstand varying pressures and temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Water Distribution Networks:The Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve is frequently employed in water distribution networks, regulating the flow of water in municipal and industrial settings. Its resilient seating ensures effective sealing, preventing water loss and ensuring efficient water distribution.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants:In wastewater treatment plants, where a variety of fluids are handled, the Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve proves invaluable. Its resistance to corrosion and reliable sealing make it well-suited for controlling the flow of wastewater in treatment processes.
  • Commercial and Industrial Processes:Across various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing, the NRS gate valve finds application in pipelines where precise control of fluid flow is essential. Its robust construction and non-rising stem configuration contribute to its reliability in demanding environments.
  • Fire Protection Systems:The Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve is a crucial component in fire protection systems, allowing for the regulation of water flow during emergency situations. Its resilient seating and durable construction ensure optimal performance when rapid response is required.