Reliable Piping Solutions for Demanding Applications

Dec 6, 2023 | Company News, News

As industries expand life-sustaining infrastructure, durable piping systems prove crucial under continuous pressure. Leading manufacturer allied fittings supplies heavy-duty components promoting sustainability.

Malleable Iron Fittings

Allied manufactures malleable iron alloy fittings through precision casting and heat treating for legendary strength. Superior pressure ratings and tensile strength withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

Black Iron Pipe Fittings

Threaded connections seamlessly join pipe runs. Smooth interior walls easily flush debris and require no lining protection like alternative materials. External corrosion coating guards in harsh environments.

Specialized Options

Branch connections, tees and reducers optimize pipe routing. unions and couplings facilitate assembly and maintenance access. Dielectric unions isolate dissimilar metals preventing corrosion.

Industry-Leading Quality

State-of-the-art foundries melt iron perfectly uniform. Digital inspections detect even microscopic defects. Heat-tracing ensures dimensional consistency between massive production runs.

Sustainable Practices

Recycled materials comprise over 98% of alloy content. Solar arrays power operations reducing emissions. Facility landscaping supports native biodiversity.

Custom Engineering

Allied works directly with engineers developing high-purity fittings by malleable iron fittings suppliers, rated to critical applications in manufacturing, oil/gas extraction and beyond. Prototypes undergo exhaustive validation.

Global Certifications

Stringent evaluations through ASTM, ASME and NSF validate pressure ratings, material compatibility and finish quality for approvals worldwide. Traceability ensures adherence.

With reliable malleable black iron fittings bolstering the foundations of industry, Allied helps sustain communities through infrastructure built to last generations. Innovations in malleable iron propel global progress responsibly.