Sealing And Diversion:Special Fittings’Additional Function

Pipe fittings are well-known pipe industry parts that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fixation methods to connect two pipes. In fact, in addition to connecting and fixing, pipe fittings can also play other roles, such as sealing and changing direction.

Welded fittings are used to seal an open end of the pipe. They are usually in a cap shape,which makes them easy to be installed.In piping engineering, the cap butt-welding pipe fittings are  made in accordance with ASME B16.9 will be welded to the end and need not be included in the length dimension of the run of pipe.Sealing open end of pipes can guarantee both good appearance and safety.

Seam/seamless elbows are used when a pipe changes direction. Elbows can turn up, turn down, turn left, right, or any angle in between. The long radius (L/R) elbows denote elbows with the center-to-end dimension of 1.5D radius which equals to 1.5 x NPS in inch unit.Black fittings take up a large proportion of elbows.Their colors are more obvious, easily attracting attention, and easy to locate quickly during disassembly or maintenance.