Steel Nipples – Combination and Long Screw Types

Nov 21, 2023 | Company News, News

Combination Steel Nipple Design

Steel combination nipple feature male pipe threads on one end and female on the opposing end, for versatile connectivity options. Their forged carbon steel construction withstands system pressures. Internally, precise cut threads seal fully engaged without galleries that trap debris. Externally, rolled threads resist breakout even after repeated use.

Consistent Durability

Reputable manufacturers like Reliable Steel Products attain consistency through automated CNC machining of raw forgings. Near-perfect threading geometry promotes smooth assembly with minimal effort. Heat-treating processes like carbonizing or nitriding case-harden surfaces without compromising ductility. These enhancements keep nipples corrosion-resistant for long lifecycles.

Compliant Standards

Machining parameters rigidly adhere to hydraulic fitting standards such as ASME B1.20.1 ensuring interchangeability. Traceable production lot controls safeguard authenticity. NSF/ANSI 61 certification confirms suitability for potable water contact as needed. Comprehensive dimensional and material certifications lend confidence for critical services.

Long Screw Variations

For joining pipe ends separated by an interference, long screw nipple reach further than standard connectors. Heavy-duty threads withstand axial piping mismatch forces that shear weaker fittings. Integrally forged bodies maintain concentricity eliminating deformation risks. Engineered lengths efficiently span gaps preventing leakage and breakage.

Fast Assembly

Reliable’s nipples expedite fabrication jobs through consistently perpendicular threading permitting quick hand-tightening without tools. Clean rolling lubricates engagement. Color coding identifies sizes at-a-glance, avoiding hazards or rework from incorrect installations. Additionally, short lead times keep projects on schedule versus overseas suppliers.

Sustainable Benefits

Efficient CNC manufacturing limits energy inputs. Drop forgings utilize 80% of raw material versus competitive processes. Carbon steel strengthens sustainably compared to plastics prone to damage. Coupled with recyclable material profiles at end-of-life, nipples reduce lifecycle environmental impacts.