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Introduce About Big 5 Industry Exhibitions

The Big 5 industry exhibitions (BIG5) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2019, exhibition time: December 4th to December 7th, 2019, exhibition location: United Arab Emirates-Dubai-Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE-Dubai World Trade Center, organizer: DMG Media Group DMG World Media.

Founded in 1980, the Middle East Dubai Five Industry Exhibition (BIG5) is the most influential and largest construction, building materials and service exhibition in the Middle East. The violent and continuous development of the construction market in the Middle East has driven a strong demand for construction equipment, materials, construction machinery and vehicles, and has attracted global attention.

fluid tech piping Systems on the big 5 Dubai

The scope of exhibits is mainly architectural products, among which hardware products are mainly:

Plumbing and water treatment technology: plumbing pipes and pumps, pipe fittings, swimming pools, fountain piping systems, shock insulation and heat preservation sealing materials, gas and vacuum systems, security and protection systems, fire safety equipment. Air-conditioning and refrigeration: household air-conditioning, central air-conditioning, electric fans, air-handling equipment, refrigeration storage equipment, air-conditioning refrigeration, lighting equipment, ventilation equipment, energy and electricity, etc.

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Fluid Tech Display Many Pipe Fittings

Fluid Tech piping mainly displays black pipe fittings, galvanized pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings, carbon steel pipe fittings, red fire valves and other products. Many Gulf Fire companies visited our booth to discuss cooperation with us. Some customers sent us the purchase list of pipe fittings and fire protection systems on site, and we communicated in detail the standards of pipe fittings and valves, which need to comply with BS standerd and ASTM standards. Customers are very satisfied with our pipe fittings conforming to ASTM and BS standards. At the same time, our products have passed FM certification and UL certificate. They are very satisfied. The two parties signed a cooperation contract. This is a very successful exhibition.

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