Two Main Types Of Valves:Fire and Water

Valve is used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, regulate and control the parameters of the transport medium (temperature, pressure and flow) of the pipeline accessories.As they function by regulating airflow or water flow,they play an crucial role in fire protection system and water system.So there are fire protection valves and waterworks valves.

 Fire protection valves play a vital role in the fire protection system. Fire valves ensure the effective control of fire water flow and provide protection for fire extinguishing.Common fire protection valves include alarm valves,pressure reducing valves,check valves and so on,and each of them is irreplaceable.We paint them red to highlight their application.

 Waterworks valves are used in water distribution systems to regulate and direct the flow of water. They are vital components in drinking water, irrigation, and wastewater management systems.They can also be divided into several types:exhaust valves,gate valves,check valves and so on.

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