Various connection of pipeline requires different welded outlets

Oct 31, 2023 | Company News, News

An outlet pipe fitting (also known as a branch connection fitting or outlet fitting) is a fitting that provides an outlet from a larger pipe to a smaller pipe (or similar size pipe).The fundamental pipe onto which the branch association is welded is generally called the Run or Header size estimate. The pipe to which the branch association or connection gives a channel is normally called the Branch or Outlet size. Branch associations are in all sizes, sorts, bores, and classes, in an extensive variety of stainless steel, chrome-moly, and different amalgams alloys.

Pipes often need to be connected in different ways depending on the application and material characteristics,and outlets have to be suitable for their related pipe systems.Pipes are connected by heat fusion, which is characterized by quick and easy operation and simple tools. It is characterized by quick and easy operation and simple tools. Moreover, since molecular-level bonding can be achieved, it is easy to obtain a very reliable connection as long as it is operated according to the requirements. So what other connection methods are commonly used? And what are the characteristics of the different connection methods? Fluidtech,China wants to give a speech on this topic today.

1. Flange connection

Flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, each fixed in a flange, and then between the two flanges plus flange gasket, and finally bolted to the two flanges tighten the two flanges so that it is tightly combined with a kind of removable joints.

Larger diameter pipes are often used to flange connection, flange connection is generally used in the main connection valves, check valves, water meters, pumps, etc., as well as the need for frequent disassembly, maintenance of the pipe section.

2. Welding connections

Metal pipes are often joined by welding. Welding is a manufacturing process and technology that joins metals by means of heat, high temperature or high pressure. Welding is suitable for metal pipes, mostly used for concealed piping and larger diameter pipes.

When the pipe diameter is less than 22mm suitable for socket or casing welding, socket should meet the medium flow direction installation, when the pipe diameter is greater than or equal to 22mm suitable for butt welding.So welded outlet is suitable for pipes,whose diameter are less than 22mm.

3.Threaded connections

Threaded connections are made by screwing two connectors with conical pipe threads on the inner and outer interfaces, and the connection is sealed by pressure on the threads of the connection port. It is widely used in traditional galvanized steel pipes.

Threaded connections are suitable for galvanized steel pipes with a pipe diameter of less than or equal to 100mm, and are mostly used for open pipes. As the threaded connection’s silk buckle often destroys the surface of the galvanized layer, it is very easy to cause corrosion of the pipeline.

Threaded welded outlet functions in this situation correspondingly.

4.Grooved Connection

Grooved connection can be used for fire water, air conditioning hot and cold water, water supply, rainwater and other systems with a diameter greater than or equal to 100mm galvanized steel pipe connection. It is characterized by simple operation, not affecting the original characteristics of the pipeline, construction safety, good system stability, convenient maintenance, labor-saving and time-saving.

As a result,Grooved welded outlet are used widely.