Welcome Latin American Customers To Visit

Nov 8, 2023 | Company News, News

Today we have two special customers who have traveled thousands of miles from Latin America to come to China to inspect suppliers and products. We had the pleasure of meeting and discussing with both clients. The client is a construction contractor and has many construction projects, including residential buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other buildings, as well as corporate factories and other buildings. Part of the construction materials for these buildings were purchased from local building material dealers, and part of the construction materials, tools, and machinery were imported from China. As the installation and construction of fire protection pipes in buildings, as well as the quality of fire protection products, are becoming more and more important. Customers said that the government currently attaches great importance to fire safety and requires buildings to install fire safety systems. At the same time, fire pipes and product quality requirements are very strict, and products are required to have FM and UL international certifications. As a Fluid Tech Group specializing in the field of fire protection systems, our full range of fire protection products, including fire protection Malleable iron pipe Fittings, fire protection Grooved pipe Fittings and fire protection valves and accessories, have passed UL and FM certification in the United States. The product quality is safe and reliable, and we have cooperation cases for customers to inspect.

During this meeting, we showed our customers samples of our galvanized Malleable iron pipe Fittings and Galvanized steel pipe nipples, as well as fire red Ductile iron Grooved pipe Fittings. Introduced to customers how to judge the quality of pipe fittings? How to detect the thread quality of pipe fittings and the thickness of galvanized layer, etc. At the same time, we introduced the customer cases we are working with to the customers. The customer introduced us to the local market and requirements for suppliers, and the two parties reached a satisfactory communication. Both parties look forward to more cooperation in the fire protection field in the future.