What Are The Fire Protection Products In The Fire Protection System?

Dec 1, 2023 | Industry News, News

With the construction of cities, more and more high-rise buildings are built, and fire safety is becoming more and more important. Fire safety is not only for each of us to participate, but also to understand and learn, but also to be familiar with and understand what fire protection products are.

Part I: Automatic Fire Alarm System.

Including fire alarm controller, linkage control device, various fire detectors, manual fire alarm buttons, fire hydrant buttons, regional fire alarm display gas alarm controllers, detectors.

Part II: Fire Water System Search System.

Including fire pools, water tanks, wet alarm valves, pressure switches, flow indicators, sprinklers, fire hoses, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, water pump connectors, DC water guns, water belt buckles, fire water cannons, fire pumps, air pressure water supply devices, fire hydrant boxes, fire hoses, air pressure water supply devices.

Part III: Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Including gas extinguishing agent, gas extinguishing controller, extinguishing agent storage container, container valve, selector valve, check valve, gas collection pipe, nozzle, driving device, gas delivery pipe and its accessories.

Part IV: Fire Isolation Facilities.

Including curtain blinds, door rolling machines, curtain door controllers, fire doors.

Part V: Air supply and smoke exhaust system.

Including fans, air outlets, smoke exhaust pipes, fire valves, smoke exhaust valves, electric smoke exhaust windows, and smoke-proof walls.

Part VI: Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Crowd Index System.

Including emergency lighting, evacuation indicators, fire emergency power supply.

Part VII: Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Including foam liquid, foam fire hydrant, fixed foam gun, foam liquid storage tank, foam pump.