Why is the fire protection system installed with anti-seismic brackets?

Jul 13, 2023 | Industry News, News

What is a fire-resistant anti-seismic support?

The anti-seismic support is a support and hanger product used to support electromechanical pipeline equipment such as water pipes, air pipes, and bridges and provide anti-seismic support. Simply put, it is an anti-seismic measure installed on electromechanical piping equipment. The installation of anti-seismic brackets can avoid and reduce the damage to electromechanical equipment (fire protection system) in buildings caused by earthquakes. Reduce the hazards of earthquakes and protect people’s lives and property. Therefore, the fire-fighting anti-seismic support is the support point of fire-fighting equipment and also the support point of fire safety.

Why use anti-seismic support in firefighting?

First of all, we need to talk about the important role of anti-seismic support system in building anti-seismic fortification. As a part of the anti-seismic fortification of buildings, the anti-seismic support system is used to make buildings equipped with anti-seismic support systems in the event of an earthquake through scientific calculations, comprehensive factors such as the relationship between magnitude and energy, and the influence of seismic intensity in various regions. When all kinds of equipment, pipelines, oil and gas pipelines are dumped and damaged, serious secondary disasters such as gas leakage, power damage, and gas fires will be prevented, and more time and space will be provided for the effective escape of the people.

Why is the fire protection system installed with anti-seismic brackets?

How to avoid or reduce damage of water fire pipe system?

The damage of the water fire pipe system is mainly caused by the horizontal displacement and vibration of the building caused by the earthquake wave. In order to effectively reduce this risk, the basic protection methods are as follows:

  • 1. Install pipe anti-seismic support: anti-seismic support fixes the corresponding pipe and the main structure of the building together to limit horizontal movement.
  • 2. Ensure the flexibility of the pipeline system: When the pipeline system enters the room from the outside and passes through the isolation layer and different building areas, it is necessary to design a suitable flexible system to absorb vibration and displacement. Otherwise, the corresponding displacement tendency may cause damage to the pipeline.
  • 3. Reserve clearance for pipes to allow sloshing: In construction, pipes often need to pass through walls and floors. These locations are often the places where pipes can be easily damaged if proper clearance is not reserved for these pipes to slosh.
Why is the fire protection system installed with anti-seismic brackets?