You Are In Urgent Need Of MECH Tee–They Function In Shunting Or Merging

Sep 6, 2023 | Company News, News

MECH tee is a new trend in manufacturing,it can help you a lot when you have the requirement of changing the direction of fluid,compared to ordinary tee.Besides that,MECH tee are made of high-strength ductile iron instead of alloy steel,so they are more corrosion-resistant and reliable.Please take a quick look of our MECH tee products.

MECH equal tee

This type of fittings have Grooved tee short,Grooved tee long radius 90 degree.They can be applied when you need to facilitate the diversion of media with equal flow rates for internal bifurcation of pipelines.Buyers should use them to connect pipes of the same size.We truly recommend you to purchase MECH tees from a qualified China producer like us,we can guarantee your satisfaction.

MECH reducer tee

This type of fittings are used to connect two pipes of different sizes,so they are suitable for occasions where media flow rate is not equal.The  the flow of media can be led to the branch pipe, so buyerd can use them to achieve a reasonable diversion.We have been in this industry for many years,so you can totally rely on the quality of our products.

Characteristics of our MECH tee

Environment friendly:we use ductile iron which is not susceptible to corrosion
Easily used and installed:anywhere you can cut a hole on you pipe,you can feel easy to apply them
High quality:our production is strictly controlled throughout the entire process

Application of MECH tee
Fire Protection
Other piping systems

MECH outlet

MECH outlets provides a fast and easy mid pipe connection without welding needs,a direct branch connection can be made anywhere you can cut a hole in the pipe.There are also two main types of MECH outlets to cater to various demand.Here is our list below.

MECH grooved outlet

This type of Grooved outlet has a grooved end which can be designed diversely to fit in various occasions,they can be made into different sizes and shapes.We provide all sizes and shapes of grooved outlets of credible quality.They can function in a variation of situations easily.Buyers can consult us about details.

MECH thread outlet

This type of outlet needs highly precise technology and are designed for more specialized uses,so the processing is kind of difficult.The mechanical thread outlet is assembled around the pipe, positioning the collar inside the hole and enclosing a rubber gasket designed to fit a specific piping system.So it has a very good self-locking effect as well as high tensile strength.As for your own business,we advise buyers to choose a experienced producer,we have a strict quality control policy.
MECH outlets of various characteristics
Save contractors time and costs
Work at 300 PSI or 363 PSI working pressure
Installed easily
Application of MECH outlets
Fire Protection
other piping systems

Grooved Split Flanges

Flanges are also crucial part of your production.It is a disc-like metal body with holes in the periphery for fixing other components. Grooved Split Flange.It have two Standard flange,EN grooved flange two-piece (Flange adapter) and ANSI grooved flange two-piece (Flange adapter),it is designed to connect flange parts directly into slotted parts without the need for additional slot coupling.Buyers should be more careful when purchasing this kind of products.We can promise your gratification.

Characteristics of grooved split flanges
Installed faster
installation space is also much smaller than other types of flanges
Excellent connection performance
withstand high pressure and high temperature environments

Application of grooved split flanges
Chemical field
Water treatment  
Pharmaceutical and food processing industries
Air conditioning
Fire fighting use
Geothermal fields