Application Of Press Steel Pipe Fittings In Pipeline Systems

Mar 11, 2024 | Industry News, News

In modern society, pipelines, as part of infrastructure, are playing an increasingly important role. Whether it is the water supply and drainage of buildings, or the gas, industrial and fire protection fields, pipes play a key role. However, as the requirements for infrastructure increase, traditional pipelines can no longer meet all needs.

The press steel pipe fitting is a kind of socket pipe fitting with a special sealing ring to connect the pipe. A special tool is used to compress steel the pipe mouth to seal and fix it. It has the characteristics of anti-pullout, anti-rotation, simple and convenient installation, and all It has the characteristics of small operating space, earthquake resistance, and maintenance-free after installation. It is a relatively advanced connector in pipeline systems such as direct drinking water systems, tap water systems, heating systems, and gas systems. It is widely used in many system fields such as direct drinking water, tap water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, fire sprinklers, etc. Whether it is a pipe well with a small space or a drain with water seepage, the connection of the compression pipe fittings is very convenient. flexible.

Press Steel Pipe Fittings Can Adapt To Harsh Environments

As a new safe and environmentally friendly connection method, press steel pipe fittings can adapt to harsh environments. There is no need for threading or welding on site, and the installation time is only half of that of traditional galvanized threaded pipes. The working principle of the press steel pipe fitting is to insert the thin-walled stainless steel pipe into the socket of the press steel pipe fitting, and use a special press steel tool to fix the stainless steel pipe in the pipe fitting. The cross-sectional shape of the press steel part is hexagonal. At the same time, there is an O-ring seal between the stainless steel pipe and the fittings, so it has the characteristics of anti-leakage, anti-pulling, anti-vibration and high-pressure resistance.

The Socket Pipe Fittings Match To Connections Of New Type Of Pipeline System

The compression-type internal and external coated pipeline is a new type of pipeline system. A socket pipe fitting with a special sealing ring is used to connect the pipeline, and a specific tool is used to compress steel the pipe mouth to achieve sealing and tightening. The inner and outer walls of the pipe are coated with epoxy resin powder on the metal pipe wall through high-temperature electrostatic charging. This kind of pipeline not only has excellent corrosion resistance and sealing performance, but also has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and environmental protection. Therefore, it has been widely used in fields such as construction, gas, industry and fire protection.

Compression-Type Internal And External Coated Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

The compression-type internal and external coated carbon steel pipe fittings are accurately designed and combined with EPDM sealing rings. The compression ratio of the compression rubber ring is 25% to achieve a sealing effect. This design not only prevents liquid or gas leakage, but also effectively resists erosion of the pipeline system by the external environment. Therefore, they are commonly used in fire protection, construction, petroleum, chemical, water supply and other industries to ensure the safe operation of pipeline systems.

In the construction sector, press-fit internal and external coated pipes are mainly used in industrial gas/water and drainage systems. Due to its corrosion resistance and sealing properties, it can ensure the cleanliness and smooth flow of water sources. In addition, its high strength and light weight can reduce the weight of the building and improve the stability of the building. In the field of gas, compression-type internal and external coated pipelines can effectively prevent gas leakage, ensure the safety of gas transportation, and improve the efficiency of gas transportation due to their excellent corrosion resistance and sealing properties.

In the industrial field, the application of press-type internal and external coated pipes is ubiquitous. It can be seen in everything from liquid/gas transportation in the chemical industry, to steam transportation in the power industry, to sewage treatment and gas transmission supply in industrial plants. In the field of fire protection, the corrosion resistance and sealing performance of compression-type internal and external coated pipelines play a vital role. It can ensure the cleanliness and smooth flow of fire water sources, providing a strong guarantee for fire safety.

Advantages Of Pressed Pipe Fittings Products

Its durability and excellent performance enable the pipeline system to operate stably for a long time. The construction efficiency is very high. It does not need to be painted and is truly maintenance-free in the later period. The use of this kind of compression-type internal and external coated pipelines in engineering projects reduces the overall cost and is the ideal pipeline system. Application preferences. Pressed pipe fittings products have the following advantages:

1. Green and environmentally friendly. Stainless steel is an environmentally friendly and healthy material that can meet the national hygiene standards for direct drinking water. It is widely used in the medical and food fields and is 100% recyclable. All pipes and fittings are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the sealing rings are made of chlorophyll rubber or silicone rubber, which have good hygienic and environmental protection performance and long service life;

2. The performance is safe and reliable, the compression connection has high strength and good vibration resistance. During construction, the connection parts should be press steel firmly to make the operation irreversible, and there will be no possibility of loosening in the later stage;

3. The construction is simple and easy to operate. There is no need for welding, wire threading or rolling grooves at the construction site. The press steel connection can be easily completed under the operation of special hydraulic tools. The success rate of one-time installation is high, and it saves time, effort and low cost;

4. The flow and pressure are stable, and the equal diameter design is adopted. The inner diameter of the press steel pipe fitting is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe. The deformation of the pipe at the press steel part is small, so the flow and pressure loss at the pipe connection can be ignored.

The national standards for press steel pipe fittings include GB/T27891-2011, GB/T50974-2014, CJ433, CJT120 GB50974-2014. GB50974-2014 Technical Specifications for Fire Water Supply and Fire Hydrant Systems stipulates in 8.2.9 that overhead pipes should be connected by grooved connections, threads, flanges, press steel, etc. Welded connections should not be used. When the pipe diameter is less than or equal to DN50, Threaded and compression connections should be used. Construction tools and accessories for press steel pipe fittings: The selection of high-quality and professional international brand press steel tools can meet the needs of quick press steel connections under various construction conditions. One set of tools is suitable for all calibers, making construction easier.

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