Steel Pipe

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Steel pipe has a hollow section, its length is much longer than the diameter or circumference of the steel. According to the section shape is divided into round, square, rectangular and shaped steel pipe; According to the material is divided into carbon structural steel pipe, low alloy structural steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and composite steel pipe; According to the use, it is divided into pipeline, engineering structure, thermal equipment, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, geological drilling, high pressure equipment with steel pipes, etc. According to the production process, it is divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, of which seamless steel pipe is divided into hot rolled and cold rolled (drawn) two kinds, welded steel pipe is divided into straight welded steel pipe and spiral welded steel pipe.

Steel pipe is not only used to transport fluids and powdery solids, exchange heat energy, manufacture machinery parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. The use of steel pipes to manufacture building structure grids, pillars and mechanical supports can reduce weight, save 20 to 40% of metal, and can achieve factory mechanized construction. The manufacture of highway Bridges with steel pipes can not only save steel, simplify construction, but also greatly reduce the area of protective coating, saving investment and maintenance costs.

Construction steel pipes are divided into seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes

Seamless Steel Tube is a long strip of steel with a hollow section and no joints around it. It is widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding for construction. The use of steel pipe to manufacture ring parts can improve the utilization rate of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sleeves, etc., has been widely used to manufacture steel pipes. Steel pipe is an indispensable material for all kinds of conventional weapons, and the barrel and barrel are made of steel pipe.

Welded steel pipe, also known as welded pipe, is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe, which is a steel pipe made of steel plate or steel strip after crimping and welding. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, variety specifications, less equipment, but the general strength is lower than seamless steel pipe. Uses: low pressure fluid conveying pipe, ordinary carbon steel wire sleeve, straight seam electric welded steel pipe, low pressure fluid conveying galvanized welded steel pipe, pressure fluid conveying spiral seam submerged arc welded pipe, pressure fluid conveying spiral seam high-frequency welded steel pipe, general low pressure fluid conveying spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe, pile with spiral weld steel pipe.

There are many types of Steel Pipe products

  • ASTM ERW Steel Pipe: The steel plate or steel strip is connected into a tube through the welding process, which is common in straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.
  • Hot rolled seamless steel pipe: The seamless steel pipe manufactured by the hot rolling process has high strength and pressure resistance.
  • Cold-drawn seamless steel pipe: The seamless steel pipe manufactured by the cold-drawn process has a smooth surface and accurate size.
  • Stainless steel pipe: Pipe made of stainless steel material, with corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.
  • Galvanized steel pipe: A layer of zinc is plated on the surface of the steel pipe to increase the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe.
  • EN ERW Steel Pipe: steel pipe with square or rectangular cross-section shape, often used in building structure and mechanical manufacturing.