Fire Protection Systems

Fluid Technology Group is a one-stop supplier and manufacturer of pipeline fluid system products headquartered in Northern China, synonymous with the excellence of Fire Protection Alarm Valves.With a commitment to quality and innovation, Fluid Tech Group stands out as a premier provider of these essential safety components, offering a comprehensive range of reliable solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.Our expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management ensures top-tier products that comply with stringent industry standards, making them a trusted choice for clients seeking premium Fire Protection Alarm Valves in the market.

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A fire protection alarm valve is a critical component of a fire protection system designed to detect and alert occupants of a building in the event of a fire. The valve is typically located near the water source and is responsible for controlling the flow of water through the system. In the event of a fire, the alarm valve activates the fire alarm system, which alerts occupants of the building and sends a signal to the local fire department.

One Type Of Fire Protection Alarm Valve – Fire Sprinkler Valve

Sprinkler alarm valves are a specialized type of control valve used to regulate water flow in automatic fire sprinkler systems. They are designed to prevent reverse flow from the sprinkler piping back into the fire pump room under normal conditions. This protects the pump equipment. However, the alarm valve will quickly open if any fire sprinkler activates due to rising heat from a fire. Additionally, we may consider sprinkler alarm valve as fire sprinkler valve.

This allows pressurized water to surge into the sprinkler system piping network to suppress the fire. The alarm valve accomplishes this via a clapper assembly inside the valve that responds to flow in either direction. If sprinkler activation causes the system’s pressure to drop as water discharges, the clapper will instantly drop open to allow incoming pump room water flow. Deluge Alarm Valve serve a dual purpose – blocking reverse flow while still permitting immediate forward flow into the sprinklers upon fire detection. This makes them a crucial automatic control component in many fire sprinkler installations.

Key features of fire sprinkler alarm valves Fluid Tech Group below:

  1. It is designed and installed specifically for use in automatic fire sprinkler systems.
  2. It serves an “alarm” function – allowing rapid water flow if any sprinkler activates due to fire.
  3. It contains an internal clapper assembly that automatically opens upon sprinkler activation to allow inbound water flow.
  4. This internal clapper provides the alarm response that gives the valve its name.
  5. The valve is connected to detection components like a building fire alarm system.
  6. Activation triggers an audible alarm to alert building occupants and fire departments.
  7. It meets applicable NFPA standards and approval listings for fire protection service.

Fluid Tech Group Provide Quality Fire Protection Alarm Valves

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