Fire Protection Systems

As a respected Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve manufacturer and supplier in China, Fluid Tech Group takes great pride in providing a wide selection of high-quality Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve at competitive wholesale prices. Our dedication to unparalleled quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction allows us to consistently deliver products that meet or exceed industry standards through durable design and dependability.

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With its commitment to quality and innovation, Fluid Tech Group is the premier supplier of Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve, offering a comprehensive range of reliable solutions to meet different needs.

Pressure reducing valves achieve this by sensing the outlet pressure and automatically adjusting the valve’s opening to maintain the desired pressure set point. As flow rates change, the valve adjusts accordingly to keep the outlet pressure stable. This pressure regulation capability makes pressure reducing valves well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications, where they are commonly used in water, steam, oil, gas systems and fire protection.

Benefits In Fire Protection Systems – Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve

Fluid Tech Group, based in China, is a reputable manufacturer specializing in Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valves. Our expertise lies in crafting high-quality, reliable valves designed to enhance fire safety systems. The following are the advantages of Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve:

• They can reduce the high pressure from the primary water supply to a lower, regulated pressure that is suitable for the sprinkler and piping components in the fire protection system.
Flanged Globe Type Pressure Reducing Valve for fire systems use corrosion resistant materials that can withstand the conditions within fire protection system piping.
• Pressure reducing valves must respond quickly to changes in pressure and flow – but without over-correcting – to provide stable pressure regulation for sprinklers during activation.
• Maintaining a stable, regulated pressure is critical for the reliable operation of the sprinklers. Pressure reducing valves buffer fluctuations in the incoming water supply pressure to provide a steady outlet pressure.

Quiet Differences Among Three Types Of Pressure Reducing Valves – Fire Sprinkler, Pump And Hydrant

Fire sprinkler pressure reducing valves:

  • Reduce pressure from the primary water supply to the optimal pressure for fire sprinklers, usually 50-75 psi for wet sprinkler systems and around 100 psi for dry pipe systems.
  • Maintain consistent pressure to ensure reliable operation of the sprinkler system during a fire.
  • Isolate the sprinkler system from fluctuations in the main water supply pressure.

Fire hydrant pressure reducing valves:

  • Reduce pressure for fire hydrant systems to the required operating pressure, typically around 50-200 psi depending on the hydrants.
  • Maintain stable hydrant pressure to ensure adequate flow and water velocity when needed.
  • Isolate hydrants from sudden changes in main water pressure that could cause damage or difficulties operating the hydrants.

Fire pump pressure reducing valves:

  • Reduce pressure from the fire pump discharge to the required pressure for the system being supplied, such as sprinklers or standpipes.
  • Maintain stable discharge pressure from the fire pump for reliable operation of the supplied fire protection system.
  • Isolate the fire pump system from pressure fluctuations in the water source to avoid damage and maintain pump performance.

The key differences are the specific operating pressures they maintain for different fire protection system components – sprinklers, hydrants or fire pump systems. They also isolate different sections of the overall fire protection system – the sprinkler piping, hydrant piping or fire pump piping.