Water Works Ball Valve

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Fluid Tech Group is specialzed in producing kinds of valves and fire protect system, etc. As leading ball valve factory and supplier in China. Today, we will introduce you related to waterworks ball valves.

The Basics Of Water works Ball Valve

Ball valves are a common type of valve used in municipal water distribution systems. Their main advantages are simplicity of design, durability, and easy maintenance. A waterworks ball valve made by carbon steel, consists of a hollow, round ball with holes drilled through it, which resides within a cylindrical housing.

The ball is rotated within the housing to either allow flow through the valve or block flow completely. When the holes in the ball are aligned with the inlet and outlet ports of the valve body, flow is allowed. When the ball is rotated 90 degrees so the holes in the ball are perpendicular to the inlet and outlet ports, flow is blocked.

Common Sense As Waterworks Use Blue Color Valves

Waterworks and municipal water distribution systems most commonly use ball valves that are blue in color. The blue coloration is intentional to distinguish ball valves that handle potable water from valves used in other systems. Common reasons for using blue color but not Red color valve in waterworks include:

• Identification – Blue is used as an identifying color for potable water system components to alert workers that the system contains drinking water. This helps avoid potential contamination incidents.
• Standards compliance – Various standards and regulations recommend or require the use of blue valves for potable water systems. For example, AWWA C507 recommends blue or bronze coloration for ball valves used in waterworks applications.
• Avoiding confusion – Using a distinct color like blue helps workers avoid confusing water system ball valves with valves from other non-potable systems like sewer, gas, or chemicals. This reduces the potential for contamination.
• Psychological benefits – Some research has suggested that the color blue can have psychological benefits in terms of trust, calmness, and reliability. So using blue valves may instill more confidence that the water system is safe.

Specification Of Ball And Float Valves

Fluid Tech Group, Leading water works ball valve manufacturer show the specification of our ball vavles to the oversea customers, at the same time you may inquiry for the ball valve price after you contact with us.

  • Materials – Body & Bonnet CF8, Sphere 2Cr13 and 304, Seat PTFE;
  • Working temperature – Not larger than 150℃;
  • Applicable medium – water, air and oil;

Floating Ball Valve are commonly utilized for turning fluid flow ON or OFF, although they can also function as flow regulating valves. There are three main types of ball valves: standard port, full port, and V-port, which enables precise flow control. These valves are highly durable and cost-effective.