Fire Protection Systems

Fluid Tech Group Supply Various Of Stainer Valves Including Fire Protection Type

Fluid Tech Group is leading fire protection strainer valves manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various of types of strainer valves to meet oversea customers sourcing requirement. Meanwhile, fire protection strainer valves are our main products.

Y-strainers have a Y-shaped body with the strainer mounted perpendicular to the flow. Additionally, basket strainers have a simple basket design that can be easily removed for cleaning.

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A strainer valve is a type of valve that contains a screen or strainer that traps debris and prevents it from entering downstream piping or equipment. Some key points about strainer valves:

They are installed in pipelines to protect critical components like pumps, compressors, sensors, and control valves from damage due to dirt, rust, scale and other contaminants.

The strainer is a mesh screen or a perforated basket that captures solids while allowing liquids or gases to pass through. The mesh/perforation size determines what size particles can be trapped.

Strainer Valves From Fluid Tech Group Are Commonly Used In Fire Protection Systems

Fire sprinkler systems – Strainers are installed in the supply lines to protect the sprinkler heads and piping from debris that could clog them. This ensures proper water flow for fire suppression.

  • Fire pumps – Fire pumps have suction strainers on the intake to prevent gravel, scale and other solids from entering the pump and causing wear or jamming.
  • Standpipe systems – Standpipe systems have strainers to filter out sediment that could accumulate in the piping and clog the fire hoses connected to them.
  • Water spray systems – Water spray nozzles for cooling or fire suppression may have strainers to prevent clogging from pipe corrosion particles or other debris.
  • Foam systems – Foam concentrate lines often include strainers to trap sediments and prevent clogging of the foam proportioning equipment.
  • Water monitor nozzles – Strainers protect large water monitor nozzles used for firefighting from obstruction.

Why Strainers Are Critical For Fire Applications?

  • Reliable water delivery is paramount for firefighting. Strainers prevent clogging.
  • Fire protection systems contain expensive, sensitive equipment. Meanwhile, strainer valves protect them from damage.
  • Sudden obstructions could be very hazardous in an emergency. Strainers minimize this risk.

High Standard And Specification to Meet Oversea Customers Demand

Our strainer valves always provided to meet customers demand. Below is related materials specifications as reference:

  • Valve Body – ASTM A536, 65-45-12
  • Rigid Coupling – ASTM A536, 65-45-12
  • Screen – AISI 304 or AISI 316
  • Plug – Malleable Iron Galvanized or Bronze ASTM B584

Related other specifications for strainer valves:

  • Dimension – ASME B16.42
  • Connection – ASME B16.1 CLASS 125/250
  • Temperature – 0-200 ℃
  • Certificate – UL Listed / FM Approved

What Fluid Tech Group Can Offer You ?

China-based Fluid Tech Group is a premier manufacturer of fire protection strainer valves, delivering top-quality and reliable products.Fluid Tech Group is dedicated to quality and innovation, positioning itself as a leading supplier of essential safety components. We offer a wide array of dependable solutions meticulously crafted to cater to a variety of requirements, setting us apart in the industry.
Feel welcome to contact us regarding wholesale pricing for our Fire Protection Strainer Valves. Our sales team is prepared to provide pricing details and discuss potential collaborations. We offer OEM options for private labeling. Contact Fluid Tech Group for customized solutions and fruitful partnerships to enhance your success.