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Brief Of Fluid Tech Group - Fire Protection Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Fluid Tech Group, as leading fire protection butterfly valves manufacturer and supplier, specializing in fire protection systems, water systems, plumbing systems, gas systems, HVAC systems and other pipe fittings. Meanwhile, the fire protection butterfly valves we produced match many standards, and also equipped with function of fire safe. So, normally we call it fire safe butterfly valves. Now we will lead you to understand more information about butterfly valve for fire fighting system.

What Are Fire Protection Butterfly Valves?

  1. Firstly, fire fighting butterfly valve namely the Fire Protection Grooved Butterfly Valve according to its features and functions.
  2. Butterfly valves control water flow in fire protection systems through the operation of a rotating disc inside the valve body.
  3. The circular disc pivots on its center axis, similar to the flapping motion of a butterfly’s wings.
  4. When the disc is aligned parallel with the pipe, it allows full water flow through the open valve.
  5. Rotating the disc 90 degrees causes the disc edge to seal against the valve body, stopping flow.
  6. The disc can also be positioned at intermediate angles to throttle or restrict water flow.
  7. This adjustable disc makes butterfly valves well-suited for both on-off and flow regulation applications in fire suppression pipelines and sprinkler systems.
  8. The disc sealing action provides positive shutoff while still enabling quick, reliable control of water movement.

Victaulic Butterfly Valve Fire Protection

A Victaulic butterfly valve for fire protection refers to a butterfly valve designed and rated specifically for use in fire suppression systems that utilizes Victaulic’s proprietary grooved end pipe joining method.

Key features of fire fighting Victaulic butterfly valves listed below by Fluid Tech Group:

  1. UL listed and FM approved for reliability.
  2. Ductile iron or stainless steel body with high temperature seat materials.
  3. Grooved end pipe connections for quick, easy installation using Victaulic couplings.
  4. Sizes ranging from 3″ to 12″ for larger supply lines.
  5. 300 psi maximum working pressure rating.
  6. Bubble-tight bi-directional shutoff when closed.
  7. Meet applicable NFPA standards for fire protection valves.

Fire Sprinkler Butterfly Valves Quitely Differ To The Fire Fighting Types

As warmly tips from Fluid Tech Group, we will explain you the difference between both of butterfly valves.

Fire sprinkler butterfly valves:

Specifically designed for use in automatic fire sprinkler systems within buildings.

  • Typically rated for lower pressures suitable for sprinkler systems (175 psi).
  • Located within the sprinkler piping network, often in overhead locations.
  • Tend to be smaller sizes like 2-6 inches.
  • Require actuation mechanisms for remote opening and control.
  • Must meet NFPA 13 standards for sprinkler system valves.

Fire fighting butterfly valves:

  • More broadly used in any water-based firefighting system including hydrants, standpipes, etc.
  • Higher pressure ratings for municipal water pressures (250+ psi).
  • Larger valve sizes like 6-12 inches are common.
  • May be manually operated with a handwheel or lever rather than remote actuation.
  • Must meet additional standards like NFPA 24 for fire service mains.

High-Quality Service And Attractive Prices From Fluid Tech Group

Fluid Tech Group, renowned as a prominent supplier of fire protection butterfly valves in China, takes pride in its extensive selection of high-quality products offered at competitive wholesale rates.Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss wholesale pricing for our fire protection butterfly valves. Our knowledgeable sales team is eager to share our competitive price list and explore potential avenues for collaboration.
In addition to direct sales, we excel in providing robust OEM capabilities for customers interested in private labeling. Whether you require standard or customized production, our dedicated sales representatives are here to craft the right solutions through supportive partnerships. Our goal is to fully comprehend your objectives and unique needs, then work together to determine the optimal path forward.