Grooved Butterfly Valve (D81X4, D381X4)

Code: D81X4, D381X4
Size: 2″-14”(DN50-DN350)
Material: Ductile iron ASTM A536, 65-45-12/Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B/EN-GJS-450-10/ ENJS1040
Dimension: AWWA C515,ASME B16.10,BS5163,AWWA C503, BS & DIN Standard, BS750,EN1074,BS EN14339, BS 5041, BS 5154
Connection: AWWA C606, ASME B16.1 CL 125, ISO 5211,ASTM A888, ISO 6182, BS EN 1092-2
Pressure Rating: 300PSI
Temperature: -10-120 ℃
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550,Epoxy coated interior and exterior by Electrostatic
Certificate: UL Listed/FM Approved /NSF/ANSI61&NSF/ANSI 372
Medium: Water, gas,Drain Pipe,Fire Protection Systems etc.

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Product Description


What is the Grooved Butterfly Valve ?What are Grooved Butterfly Valve design standards and connection standards?

A grooved butterfly valve is a type of industrial valve used to control the flow of fluids in pipelines. It typically consists of a disc (or butterfly) mounted on a shaft, which can be rotated to either allow or block the flow of the fluid. The “grooved” aspect refers to the use of grooves or ridges in the valve body, which allows for easy installation using grooved couplings.

Design standards for grooved butterfly valves may vary depending on the manufacturer, but some commonly referenced standards include API 609 for butterfly valves and AWWA C606 for grooved and shouldered joints. These standards provide guidelines for the design, testing, and performance of the valves.

Connection standards for grooved butterfly valves often follow industry-standard grooved pipe coupling specifications. The grooved ends of the valve can be connected to grooved pipe ends using couplings that have matching grooves. One widely used standard for grooved couplings is the Victaulic system, which provides a reliable and efficient method for joining pipes and valves in various applications.

It’s important to check specific product documentation and standards provided by the manufacturer of the grooved butterfly valve you’re working with to ensure compliance and proper installation.

What types of Grooved Butterfly Valve are included?

Grooved butterfly valves come in various types, each designed for specific applications and operational requirements. Here are some common types:

Concentric Butterfly Valve:

The disc and stem are centered within the valve body, providing a streamlined flow path. This design is suitable for a wide range of applications and is the most common type.
Eccentric Butterfly Valve:

The disc and stem are offset from the center, allowing for a more resilient seal and reduced wear. Eccentric butterfly valves are often used in applications where tight shut-off is crucial.
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve:

This advanced design features three offsets: one in the center, one in the shaft, and one in the sealing element. Triple offset valves provide a tight seal with minimal friction, making them suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
High-Performance Butterfly Valve:

Engineered for demanding conditions, high-performance butterfly valves often feature metal seats, durable materials, and advanced sealing technologies. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas.
Resilient-Seated Butterfly Valve:

Designed for low-pressure applications, resilient-seated butterfly valves have a soft seat, typically made of rubber or elastomer, providing a bubble-tight seal. They are commonly used in water and wastewater systems.
Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve:

These valves have a compact design and are often used in applications where space is limited. They are placed between flanges and held in place by the pressure between the flanges.
Lug-Style Butterfly Valve:

Similar to wafer-style, lug-style butterfly valves have threaded inserts (lugs) on the valve body. These lugs allow for easy installation and removal of the valve without disrupting the pipeline.
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve:

These valves have flanged ends on both sides, providing a sturdy connection to the pipeline. They are suitable for applications requiring a higher level of stability and support.
The choice of the grooved butterfly valve type depends on factors such as the application, pressure, temperature, and specific requirements of the system. It’s essential to consult with valve manufacturers and consider the intended use to select the most suitable type for a given application.

Product Drawing

   DN Dimensions(mm)
Inch mm A B C 中D 中F 中G L1 L2 L 中K H H1 H2 J   φM 中2 ISO 5211 中E N-中1
2″ 50 89 65 81 50.3 60.3 57.15 15.88 7.93 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 14 F07 70 4-中10
2.5” 65 102 71 97 60.8 73.0 69.09 15.88 7.93 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 14 F07 70 4-中10
3″ 80 109 81 97 76 88.9 84.94 15.88 7.93 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 14 F07 70 4-中10
4″ 100 128 116 98.5 114.3 110.08 15.88 9.53 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 16 F07 70 4-中10
5” 125 141 111 148 122.6 141.3 137.03 15.88 9.53 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 16 F07 70 4-中10
6” 150 153 133 148 148 168.3 163.96 15.88 9.53 32 90 206 158 52 114   150 20 F07 70 4-中10
8″ 200 184 164 133 199 219.1 214.4 19.05 11.10 45 125 310 239 A0
167   300 26 F10 102 4-中12
10″ 250 216 196 159 252 273.0 268.28 19.05 12.70 45 125 310 239 69 167   300 26 F10 102 4-中12
12″ 300 254 226 165 300.5 323.9 318.29 19.05 12.70 45 125 307 229 73 190   300 28 F10 102 4-中12
14″ 377 290 241 178 324 377 371.4 23.8 12.7 45 150 307 229 73 190   300 31.7 F12 125 4-014
NO. Name Material
1 Vave Body ASTM A536,65-45-12
2 Disc ASTM A536,65-45-12+EPDM
3 O-Ring NBR
4 Stem Stainless Steel
5 O-Ring NBR
6 Stem Stainless Steel
7 Lever ASTM A536,65-45-12
8 Signal Gearbox ASTM A536.65-45-12

Quality Control

Advanced equipment guarantee the production of high quality products.
Advantages of DISA moulding line:1. High quality precise casting less scrap and lower finishing costs. 2.High Production Efficiency(1)Fast production: 350 moulds per hour, pattern changing time cut down to 2-3 minutes
(2).higher profitability over a longer service life. 3. Safety and Environmental Friendly safe, easy and clean operation (CE and ISO 14001 compliant)
High-precision, hydraulicly driven mould transport,no shifting, distortion, ordisplacement of moulds.
The advantage of the sand supply system:The sand supply system is from the best class sand processing equipment manufacturers of China, with straight structure, easier maintenance, environmently friendly, high degree of automation, high safety factor, good parameters of sand stability.

Fluid Tech Group is honored as the National enterprise technical center and is capable and qualified to conduct full series of tests and inspections including chemical checking, etc. Inspection facilities include:spectrometer, carbon sulfur analyzer, metallurgical microscope, tensile strength testing equipment, pressure testing equipment, adhesive force testing equipment, CMM, hardness tester, etc.From incoming inspection to finished product, quality is checked a
nd monitored in the whole process. Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully documented, regularly reviewed for revision control and updatin
g standard. Quality procedures are constantly monitored and updated to assure that only the highestand most consistent quality products are supplied to our valued customers.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.


1. What is the minimum quantity of the order?
Answer: The purchase volume of mixed products is 4 tons

2. How long is the delivery time of the order?
Answer: The delivery time for general orders is about 30 days. If the order is urgent and we have stock, around 7 days.

3. What payment methods do you accept?
Answer: We accept payment terms such as TT, L/C, DP, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

4. Where is your departure port of shipment? Is it possible to deliver to the designated warehouse?
Answer: The port of departure of our goods is generally Tianjin Port or Qingdao Port. We can transport the goods to designated warehouses, such as Yiwu, Guangzhou, etc.

5. What certificates do your products have?
Answer: Our products have FM/UL certificates, and we cooperate with third-party quality inspection certification before the factory, such as SGS,TUV

6.What are the series of your products?
Answer: Our products are divided into heavy series, medium series and light series according to different markets and standards. In order to buy more competitive products for you, please communicate your purchasing needs with the salesperson.

7. Do product packaging cartons and labels support customization?
Answer: Packaging cartons and labels can be customized according to customer requirements.

8.Does the purchased product support customization?
Answer: The product supports customization, but there are purchase quantity requirements and mold costs. For details, please consult the salesperson.

9.What are the packaging methods of the product?
Answer: The packaging of the product includes carton packaging, pallet packaging, wooden box packaging, and woven bag packaging.