Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling

Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling (also known as Grooved Couplings) is a system for pipe connections using a groove design and matching fittings. Grooved Pipe Fittings are specially designed pipe fittings with grooves, usually made of metal material. They include various types of pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, quads, flanges, and transition joints for connecting, branching, and changing the direction and dimensions of pipes. Grooved Coupling is a connection used to fix pipe connections. It consists of two semi-circular clamps and bolts that match the fluted shape of the fluted pipe fitting. Insert the flange of the pipe fitting into the clamp and then tighten it with bolts to form a stable pipe connection.

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Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling are often used together to secure the connection by inserting a grooved pipe fitting into the end of the pipe and then fitting with a grooved clamp. This system has the advantages of quick installation, reliable sealing performance and strong connection. Because there is no need for welding and special tools, it makes connection and disassembly more convenient and flexible, and is suitable for various pipeline systems, such as water supply, fire protection, air conditioning, industrial pipelines, etc.

Why Choose Grooved Pipe Fittings And Coupling

Choose DI Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling mainly for the following reasons, let us know in advance.

Fast installation: Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling fittings can be installed very quickly. They simply insert the fluted fittings into the fixture and then fasten them with bolts to complete the connection. Compared with the traditional welding or thread connection method, it saves a lot of installation time and can quickly complete the construction of the pipeline system.

Reliable sealing performance: Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling are designed with grooves and clamps to form a solid pipe connection. This connection provides excellent sealing performance, can effectively prevent water leakage or leakage, and ensure the normal operation of the pipeline system.

Powerful Coupling: Grooved Coupling provides reliable coupling by securing fluted fittings securely with bolts. This connection can withstand high pressure and tension to ensure the stability and safety of the pipeline system.

Flexibility and reusability: Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling have excellent flexibility and can be disassembled and reassembled as required. This makes it easier to repair and replace pipe parts, reducing maintenance and repair costs. In addition, because they are reusable, resources and costs are saved.

Wide range of applications: Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling applications are suitable for a variety of piping systems including water supply, fire protection, air conditioning, industrial piping, etc. Different types and sizes of fittings can be selected according to specific requirements to suit different pipe layouts and connection requirements.

Why Grooved Pipe Fittings And Coupling

As the largest industry chain of Grooved Pipe Fittings and Flexible Coupling, China market has a high service capability and product quality assurance. Installation and disassembly can not only save more time, but also be flexibly applied to various industries, which can not only meet the needs of customers in the pipe system. Can be trusted by a wide range of customers.

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