Grooved Cap

Material: Ductile iron ASTM A536, 65-45-12
Dimension: ISO6182、AWWA C606、GB 5135.11
Connection:ASME B36.10、ASTM A53-A53M、ISO 4200
Thread: If have ISO 7-1,BS 21,BSPT, NPT,ASME B1.20.1
Pressure Rating: 175PSI-500PSI
Surface Treatment: Red Painting,Epoxy Coating ,Hot-Dip Galvanized,Electroplated
Bolt & nut: ASTM A449/ CLASS 8.8/ ISO 898
Gasket: EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone rubber, etc.
Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

Products Details

Ductile iron Grooved end cap.Grooved blind cap. Grooved cap without Thread hole ,Grooved end cap with thread hole. Grooved end cap with concentric thread hole ,Grooved end cap with eccentric thread hole.The Grooved end cap also called DI Grooved reducer. Grooved reducer have Grooved concentric reducer,Grooved eccentric reducer.Thread end Grooved end cap. According to the surface coating ,dip painting Grooved cap red color ,epoxy red color Grooved cap,epoxy blue color cap ,galvanized Grooved cap.

Product Drawing

Available size
Size (Inch / DN / mm) End   to end (mm) Ref.   No.
1″ / DN25 / 33.7mm 22 G1901   (UL/FM)
1-1/4″ / DN32 / 42.4mm 24 G1902   (UL/FM)
1-1/2″ / DN40 / 48.3mm 24 G1903   (UL/FM)
2″ / DN50 / 60.3mm 24 G1904   (UL/FM)
2-1/2″ / DN65 / 73mm 24 G1905   (UL/FM)
2-1/2″ / DN65 / 76.1mm 24 G1906   (UL/FM)
3″ / DN80 / 88.9mm 24 G1907   (UL/FM)
4″ / DN100 / 114.3mm 27 G1908   (UL/FM)
5″ / DN125 / 139.7mm 27 G1909   (UL/FM)
5″ / DN125 / 141.3mm 27 G1910   (UL/FM)
6″ / DN150 / 165.1mm 27 G1911   (UL/FM)
6″ / DN150 / 168.3mm 27 G1912   (UL/FM)
8″ / DN200 / 219.1mm 30 G1913   (UL/FM)
10″ / DN250 / 273mm 32 G1914   (UL/FM)


Grooved end caps are used to be mounted at the pipe end through a groove connection, which blocks the pipe and forms a liquid or gas seal. Blinds are used for isolation and cut-off. Due to its good sealing properties, it is often used as a reliable isolation method for systems that require complete isolation. Compared with threaded caps, grooved end caps are simple to install and easy to disassemble.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.