Steel Socket

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Steel Socket is a steel pipe fitting with an internal threaded design for connection to a steel pipe or other pipe fitting with external threads. It is usually a cylinder with an aperture, with one port screwed into the inside of an externally threaded pipe or fitting, while the other port receives an externally threaded connection. Steel stoppers are usually made of steel and can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel to adapt to the needs of different working environments and media.

Definition of a Steel Socket

Steel sockets are often used to plug, extend or connect piping systems, providing reliable sealing performance through threaded connections to prevent media leaks. It can be connected with other steel pipe fittings, equipment or valves to form a complete pipeline system. The size and thread type of Steel sockets can be selected and customized according to the specific application requirements and piping system requirements. A Steel Socket is a steel pipe fitting with an internal threaded design for connection to an external threaded pipe or Steel Merchant Coupling, providing sealing performance and integrity of the piping system.

What are the product types of Steel Sockets

The purpose of Fluid Tech Group is to become a one-stop supplier and manufacturer of pipeline fluid system products, specializing in providing fire protection systems, water systems, pipeline systems, gas systems, HVAC systems and other types of pipeline products, among which steel-socket types as follows:

  • Plain Socket

This type of steel plug does not have any additional threads or special structure, and is usually used to close or seal the end of the steel pipe.
Threaded Socket

This type of steel plug has internal threads and can be threaded to externally threaded steel pipes or other pipe fittings. It is often used to connect, extend or plug pipes to provide good sealing performance.

  • Square Head Socket

This type of steel plug has a square shape, usually with threaded connections, and is used to connect or plug square head threaded fittings.

  • Welding Socket

This type of steel plug is usually not threaded, but is welded to the steel pipe or other pipe fittings. It provides strong connection and sealing properties in piping systems.

  • Handtight Socket

This type of steel stopper has a special manual screwable design and can be tightened by hand without the need for threaded connections using tools. It is often used in situations where frequent disassembly or adjustment is required.

Steel Sockets are widely used in pipe systems in various fields

Industrial pipe system: In the pipeline system of the petroleum, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industrial fields, steel stoppers are used to connect, extend or block pipes. They are often used for the transport, treatment, conditioning or distribution of liquids or gases.

Building piping system: In the piping system in the construction field, steel stoppers are used for water supply, drainage, HVAC, fire fighting systems, etc. They are often used to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to ensure the proper operation of plumbing systems.

Sewage treatment system: In sewage treatment plants or sewage treatment systems, steel stoppers are used to block or connect pipes. They are corrosion resistant and can adapt to the harsh environment during sewage treatment.

Power and energy industries: In the electricity, nuclear, gas, oil and other energy industries, steel stoppers are used to connect and plug pipelines and equipment to ensure safe and reliable energy transmission and processing.

Compressed air systems: Steel stoppers are used in compressed air systems to connect components such as pipes, filters and pressure vessels. They can withstand high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Laboratory and medical equipment: In the field of laboratories, medical equipment and scientific research, steel stoppers are used to connect pipes and instruments for gas or liquid delivery or experimental operations.