Grooved Joint Fittings

Fluid Tech Group, a renowned Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Grooved Joint fittings, prides itself on offering a broad range of top-notch products at competitive wholesale rates. Our commitment to unrivaled quality, dependability, and customer contentment empowers us to reliably provide items that adhere to or surpass industry benchmarks with their sturdy construction and reliability.

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Fluid Tech Group is a professional manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of high-quality Grooved Joint fittings, providing advanced fluid connection solutions to the global market. Grooved Joint Fittings are fittings for pipe connections, often used in connection with Grooved Coupling in pipe systems. They are made of metal material with a special groove design that matches the lugs of the Grooved Coupling.

Definition of Grooved Joint Fittings

Grooved Joint Fittings are usually made of metallic materials (such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper alloys, etc.) with corrosion resistance and strength, suitable for various piping systems. The grooves of these fittings are usually carved along the length of the pipe in order to connect with the lugs of the corresponding Grooved Coupling fittings. Grooved Joint Fittings are commonly used in piping systems such as water supply, fire protection, air conditioning and industrial piping, they generally include elbows, tees, quays, flanges, switchers, etc., to meet different piping layout and connection requirements.

In general, the Grooved Joint Fittings and the Grooved Coupling are two components that are interdependent and often used together to achieve the connection of piping systems. The Grooved Joint Fittings are installed at the end of the pipe to provide the required connection forms, such as branches, corners, etc. The lugs of the Grooved Coupling are then inserted into the grooves of the Grooved Joint Fittings and the connection is bolted. This combined approach enables fast and reliable pipe connections without the need for welding or special tools. Grooved Joint Fittings and Grooved Coupling are closely related connecting components that, when used together, allow easy construction and maintenance of piping systems.

Various types of Grooved Joint Fittings include the following

Fluid Tech Group serves as a supplier of Grooved Joint fittings, offering a comprehensive range of products to the global market from their operations in China. Among which we offer the following types:

  • Elbow: An accessory used to change the direction of the pipe, allowing the pipe to bend along different angles.
  • Tee: Shaped like the letter “T”, it is used to implement the branch connection of a pipe, dividing a pipe into two branches.
  • Cross: Shaped like the letter “ten”, it is used to divide a pipeline into four branches to achieve a complex pipeline layout.
  • Flange: Fittings used for connecting pipes and equipment, usually used with flange joints for easy disassembly and maintenance.
  • Transition Adapter: Used to connect pipes of different diameters or different types to achieve transition connections.
  • Pipe Cap: Used to seal the end of the pipe to prevent leakage and contamination of the fluid.
  • Restrictor (Reducer) : Used to connect different sizes of pipe, pipe radial reduction or expansion.
  • Gate Valve: An on-off valve used to control the fluid in a pipe, which can shut off or allow the fluid to pass through.

The advantages of Grooved Joint Fittings are widely used

Quick installation: The installation of Mech Tee Grooved Outlet is very quick and simple. They simply need to insert the fitting into the end of the pipe and then use bolts to secure it to the Grooved Coupling. Compared with the traditional welded or threaded connection, the installation time is greatly reduced.

Reliable sealing performance: Grooved Joint Fittings form a solid pipe connection through the combination of Grooved Coupling. The groove design and the convex block fit tightly, providing excellent sealing performance, can effectively prevent leakage.

Powerful connection: Reliable connection is provided by the use of bolts to attach the Grooved Joint Fittings to the Grooved Coupling. This connection can withstand high pressure and tension to ensure the stability and safety of the pipeline system.

Wide adaptability: Grooved Joint Fittings are suitable for all kinds of plumbing systems, including water supply systems, fire protection systems, air conditioning systems, industrial pipes, etc. Grooved Joint Fittings of different types and sizes can be selected according to specific requirements to suit different pipe layouts and connection requirements.

Removable and reusable: Grooved Joint Fittings and Grooved Coupling can be easily removed and reassembled, making it easier to repair and replace piping components. This also reduces pipe system maintenance costs and downtime.

These advantages make Mech Tee Threaded Outlet the ideal choice in the field of pipe connection and have been widely used and affirmed in a variety of application scenarios.