Water Works Strainer Valves

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Water Works Strainer Valves play an essential role in waterworks systems by filtering out debris, solids and contaminants that could damage pipelines, equipment and valves if left unchecked. They comprise a Y-shaped arrangement with a removable strainer basket or filter element that traps solid particles while allowing liquid to pass through.

Strainer Valves May Be Divided Into 5 Types

Y Type Strainer – The most common type of strainer valve. They have a Y-shaped body with two inlets and one outlet. The strainer element is located between the inlets and outlet. Y-strainers are simple and economical.
• Basket Strainers – They contain a removable strainer basket that collects debris. The basket can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Basket strainers are reliable and cost-effective.
• Duplex strainers – Duplex strainers, which are another type of basket filter or strainer, are typically composed of iron, steel, or stainless steel and designed for permanent use.
• Automatic strainers – Self-cleaning baskets are a feature of automatic strainers, which are designed for permanent use. They are self-cleaning strainers that continuously back-flush solids from the strainer basket. Automatic strainers require compressed air for back-flushing but reduce maintenance requirements.
• Screen Strainers – Instead of a strainer basket, they use a perforated or woven metal screen as the filtering element. Screens can handle higher flow rates but are more difficult to clean.

Applications Of Oil & Gas Strainers

• Gas and oil strainers have a wide range of applications, with upstream and downstream being the most common.
• Upstream applications involve drilling for oil and utilize strainers in the derrick/mast, drawworks, top drive, mud/fuel tanks, power/pump stations, and shaker units.
• Downstream applications employ strainers for hydrocracking and filtration purposes.