Fire Protection Systems

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Fire Protection Gate Valves Often As Yoke (OS&Y) Gate Valves

Gate valves are commonly used in fire protection systems as a means to control water flow. They operate by opening and closing a sealing “gate” within the valve body. When open, the gate is fully raised out of the flow path, allowing water to flow through the valve with very little friction loss.

Fire sprinkler systems often use outside stem and yoke (OS&Y) gate valves to control water flow. As the name implies, Resilient Seated OS&Y Type Flange Gate Valve have the stem and yoke located outside the valve body. They operate by raising or lowering a gate within the valve. When the gate is raised fully, water can flow unobstructed through the valve. Lowering the gate shuts off the water by blocking the flow path. Because the open gate presents no obstruction, OS&Y valves have very little friction loss when open. This makes them well-suited for fire suppression systems that require rapid water flow with minimal pressure drop.

Standard That Use Of Gate Valves In Fire Fighting Systems

NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems sets requirements for where and what types of valves can be used in sprinkler systems. It specifies things like valve type, maximum spacing between valves, and prohibited valve arrangements.

UL 1091 – Standard for Safety for Butterfly Valves for Fire-Protection Service outlines standards butterfly valves must meet to be used in fire applications.

FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets further specify standards and requirements for valves used in fire protection from a major commercial property insurer.

Many local jurisdictions also adopt model building and fire codes that contain standards for valves in fire suppression systems. These are often based on NFPA, ICC, and other model code standards.

If a project involves federal funding or facilities, standards like Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) may dictate fire protection valve requirements.

Features Of Fire Hydrant Gate Valves

These kinds of fire hydrant types are typically resilient wedge gate valves that close with pressure in either direction. This allows them to be closed to isolate a hydrant even if the hydrant valve is open and line is pressurized.

  • Fire hydrant gate valves are installed below ground on the pipeline leading to a fire hydrant. They allow isolation and control of water flow to an individual hydrant.
  • Gate valves for fire hydrants are commonly 4-12 inches in diameter depending on the size of the water main. Larger mains require larger gate valves.
  • A fire hydrant gate valve may have certain design features or functions related to fire safe, so normally we call it fire safe gate valves.
  • This gate valves should be installed a recommended minimum of 3 feet from the fire hydrant coupling to allow space for maintenance or replacement.

Fire Main Type VS. Fire Hose Gate Valve

Actually, Both of fire main and fire hose types do not refer to the same type of valves. Now following the description below:

A fire main is a dedicated water pipeline that is specifically designed and installed to provide water for firefighting purposes. Additionally, a fire main gate valve is a larger valve installed on the main fire water supply piping system that feeds fire hydrants, building standpipe systems, and/or fire sprinkler systems. Connected directly to a reliable and abundant water source, like a municipal water supply main, reservoir, or pumped water source. This provides high flow rates when needed.

A fire hose gate valve is a smaller valve attached directly to a fire hose or fire hose connection. Its purpose is to allow firefighters to start and stop water flow through a particular hose.

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